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<lloda>is it normal that (isatty? (current-input-port)) is #f in the repl in a regular gnome terminal? tty -s returns 0
<lloda>oh that is after activate-readline
<manumanumanu>My internet stinks :(
<manumanumanu>Happy Wednesday!
<manumanumanu>I am seeing a weird reductionn a tail-recursive loop: (if (arbitrary-expression) (continue-loop) #f) becomes (and (arbitrary-expression) (continue-loop)). I am used to seeing and defined the other way around, and I am pretty sure they are equal, but my eyes are screaming that this is not tail recursive :D
<RhodiumToad>at least in r7rs-small, last expression in an (and) is in tail position, though that's because and is defined as syntax for if
<RhodiumToad>actually it defines explicitly that the last arg is in tail position too