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<leoprikler>ane: what kind of snarfing do you mean? it's actually a bit of an overloaded term
<leoprikler>there are various forms of doc snarfing, i.e. extracting docstrings from source code, but there is also "function snarfing", which generates C code to define scheme procedures from C functions
<ane>ah I mean the doc snarfing
<ane>not the magic snarfer for .x files
<ane>the doc snarfing that happens during building guile
<leoprikler>Yeah, that probably goes towards guile-procedures.txt
<leoprikler>And yes, if you read (ice-9 documentation), you can see that guile searches for such a file in various places and fetches procedure-documentation from there.
<apteryx>rekado: thanks
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<ArneBab>manumanumanu: you’re working on making foof-loop cleaner and faster?
<jlicht>civodul: (very late) thanks for the pointer to the r5rs formal syntax page, it confirmed my suspicions :-)
<jlicht>the tldr of it is that guile-reader's read-hash-extend replacement does not work when using existing reader-macro characters for the reader macro. So for my use-case, using a different character should work just fine :D
<ArneBab>jlicht: you can extend via read-hash-extend. Then you get #<your char> literals
<liltechdude>hello, can I create static link executable from guile program, which can run on machine different from linux?
<liltechdude>game based on checkadee game engine in particular
<davexunit>liltechdude: not currently possible, I'm afraid.
<jlicht>ArneBab: using guile-reader's version of read-hash-extend (the one that only affects the current module using fluids?), that doesn't work for stuff that re-uses an existing character: See for my specific snippet
<jlicht>using 'normal' read-hash-extend works, of course
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<dsmith-work>Monday Greetings, Guilers
<dsmith-work>zzappie: Yey! wirehark (or at least tcpdump) is one of those invaluable tools. strace is another.
<ArneBab>jlicht: ah, I understand. Thank you!
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