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<libfud>I asked this in #scheme as well but it's still relevant here
<libfud>are there any popular (within the scheme community) algebra libraries?
<libfud>it's one of those things that I percieve as the simple rules as being trivial to implement in any LISP but a "whole package" kind of thing as being a huge undertaking
<chrislck>libfud: r5rs
<leoprikler>That really depends on what you mean by "algebra".
<leoprikler>For basic maths RnRS should have you covered, for vector/matrices or symbolic maths, ehh...
<libfud>algebra like sympy or wolfram alpha, symbolic manipulation
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<rekado>scmutils exists, but it’s tied to MIT Scheme and the latest version doesn’t build.
<wleslie>probably someone has ported axiom or fricas, but I can't recall one
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<zzappie>dsmith-work: hey! thanks for wireshark tip :) I found out what was ther root of the problem. I was adding Content-Length header manually and I ended up in duplicating headers, but also I forgot to truncate input from terminal (access token header) and thats why "\r\n" was shifting the body by two bytes
<mwette>symbolic :
<hackyhacker>Hello has anyone used the guile-sdl2 bindings before?
<hackyhacker>I'm trying to render some text in a rectangle but I can't get the render-copy function working
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<jlicht>is there a list of all {existing,reserved} reader macro's in guile? E.g. `#b101011', `#e20'?
<civodul>jlicht: those are part of R5RS (i think?), and there are also a few additional ones in R6
<civodul>you can see them in
<civodul>info "(r5rs) Formal syntax"
<civodul>there's also things like bitvectors which are Guile-specific
<leoprikler>hackyhacker: Hi, I'm using guile-sdl2 in Tsukundere (a visual novel engine I'm developing). AMA
<leoprikler>Seems like I missed them.
<leoprikler>sneek, later tell hackyhacker I'm using guile-sdl2, AMA
<sneek>Will do.