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<sp1ff>Hello Guilers, does anyone know of Guile bindings to libmagic (the core implementation of the `file' command)?
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<emys>so, implementing a language on top of guile
<emys>I think I understand the basics of tree-il, parsing, etc. Can compile simple expressions to tree-il or scheme.
<emys>now I wonder how I can supply runtime functionality for use by some compiled code.
<emys>As far as I understand it, compile-tree-il is being served the expressions for compilation in the small batches that the reader reads
<emys>I'd like to 'import' at the beginning my runtime library with some procedures that I can refer to with `toplevel' in the tree-il I generate
<emys>ah, I think I should have read closer the docs for the scheme compiler because there stuff is explained
<mwette>emys: examples in examples/nyacc/lang/calc ; and also javascript, mlang, tcl
<mwette>emys: Once you have tree-il I believe you want to compile to a value (i.e., #:to 'value), IIRC.
<dsmith-work>Hey Hi Howdy, Guilers
<str1ngs>hello, I'm deriving some work form (ice-3 session) it's not an exact copy but I'd like to add guile's copyright just encase. can I just include portions of this file are copyright FSF to the top my header copyright? my code is GPL 3
<RhodiumToad>for a modified work, you're required to attach a notice saying you modified it (and when). you should preserve any existing assertion of copyright and add your own
<str1ngs>okay thanks
<RhodiumToad>but I'm just a random opinionated person who reads licenses, don't take this as official
<dsmith-work>sneek: seen civodul?
<sneek>I last saw civodul in #guix 6 minutes and 13 seconds ago, saying: zimoun`: i think tcc has a built-in linker, so i'm not sure it makes sense.
<civodul>hi! :-)
<matijja>Hello Guilers!
<matijja>Why Guile3 can'n display unicode characters?
<matijja>Maybe I shouldn't ignore the locale warning...
<matijja>Jup, `guix install glibc-locales` does the trick.