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<numerobis>Hi everyone! Is it possible to write a guile extension in C++? The documentation documents how to do this in C, but is C++ supported too?
<brendyyn>numerobis: ive never done it but ive heard its possile, only that guile can conflict with c++ exceptions if you use them. lilypond is an example of a c++ program that uses guile
<numerobis>brendyyn: Thanks for your answer. My goal is not really to use guile in C++, but rather to create bindings in guile for a C++ library. More precisely, I was pondering the idea of creating qt-poppler bindings in guile. Do you think this would be possible?
<brendyyn>i remember asking a similar question and was pointed to guile-gi. as a possibility for creating qt stuff
<numerobis>brendyyn: Thanks for the pointer, this looks interesting!
<str1ngs>I have written some experimental QT bindings for GI and I use g-golf. the exposed interface is in C though internal it uses C++
<str1ngs>but it's not exactly a guile extension though it does expose C functions as scheme procedures so the effect is the same.
<brendyyn>str1ngs: did you manage to build an example qt gui that opened?
<str1ngs>yes of course
<str1ngs>numerobis: if qt-poppler is a widget then it should work wit giqt. in theory
<str1ngs>brendyyn: see
<numerobis>brendyyn, str1ngs : thank you very much!
<str1ngs>I don't know how much I can support giqt because I may not need it for nomad.
<str1ngs>numerobis: if you are looking for something in more scheme see
<str1ngs>pure scheme*
<str1ngs>numerobis: you need to snarf though with this method see.
<numerobis>str1ngs: cool! didn't know about snarfing and didn't know about the nomad web browser!
<str1ngs>numerobis: nice, I'm not sure what you need to do with qt-poppler if its non graphical library then snarfing should be fine.
<str1ngs>numerobis: I have an experimental variant of nomad that can use either webkit or qtwebengine web buffers.
<str1ngs>though I probably won't go this route because it uses X11 embedding.
<str1ngs>numerobis: when I say use either I mean at the same time.
<numerobis>str1ngs: thanks! My project (in the pretty long term) is to write a PDF viewer with vim-like keybindings but a bit more complete than Zathura. I am only at the stage where I just look at the available technology, and the question I'm at now is whether to use python or guile for the high-level stuff. There's a lot more stuff available in Python, obviously, but guile is more fun, so I still don't
<numerobis>know. ;)
<leoprikler>numerobis: when in doubt, try python on guile ;)
<dsmith-work>Tuesday Greetings, Guilers
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