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<manumanumanu>mwette: regarding the syntax hygiene: I am having a look at quasisyntax to see if I could make a hygienic version of it. srfi-72 is based on explicit renaming, which I suspect will be hard to bolt on :)
<manumanumanu>srfi-72 is really an amazing work by André.
<mwette>manumanumanu: Good luck. Looks very non-trivial.
<stis>hey guilers!
<RhodiumToad>good afternoon
*rlb thinks our tests should print the expected and actual values when there's a failure. r7rs.test doesn't yet (I think).
<dsmith>rlb: That's a very good idea
<dsmith>For any test error reporting in general.
<rlb>(Also want line numbers or distinct names right now...)
<roptat>mh... Undefined symbol #f
<jonsger>roptat: where?
<spk121>Hmm. This is a new one. guild compile bombs with ...
<spk121>ice-9/boot-9.scm:1669:16: In procedure raise-exception:
<spk121>Throw to key `numerical-overflow' with args `("ash" "Numerical overflow" #f #f)'.
<rekado>mwette: I’m working on Guile bindings to DRMAA. The implementation of that library is usually not available at build time. When I add “#:library '("")” to the FFI file it will try to find it at build time.
<rekado>is there a way to appease compile-ffi that the library will be available at runtime?
<mwette>I think so ...
<rekado>I’m now using (list (or (getenv "GUILE_DRMAA_LIBRARY") "GUILE_DRMAA_LIBRARY unset"))
<rekado>it’s probably not a good idea, but it’s enough to continue hacking
<mwette>in the .scm, by hand change (define ffi-drmma-llibs ...) to (define ffi-drmma-llibs (delay (list ...))) and in the rest of the file replace ffi-drmmalllibs with (force ffi-glib-llibs)
<mwette>Maybe that should be the default behavior.
<roptat>jonsger, when compiling some of my own code
<roptat>loading the module in the repl and using that code is fine though, so I'm not sure what's wrong
<mwette>or maybe there is an eval-when solution
<mwette>rekado: can you try 'guild compile-ffi -X drmaa.ffi' That will not compile the generated .scm file. (Also, try 'guild compile-ffi -h')
<rekado>mwette: thanks for the hints
<mwette>rekado: I've made the promise wrapper around dynamic-link the normal behavior now. It should appear in v1.03.1 (no release date planned yet)