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<mwette>rekado: yqw
<stis>Hej guilers!
<laertus>are there any guile packages for writing MIDI files?
<jonsger>laertus: lilypond supports converting to MIDI files, so maybe you can use stuff from them...
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<jonsger>laertus: what are you wanna do?
<laertus>jonsger: i'm starting a project to do some algorithmic composition using l-systems, genetic algorithms, and fractals... the result is to be written to midi files which i intend to import in to a DAW and then proceed to manually assign to synths/instruments, add effects, and whatnot...
<jonsger>oh nice :)
<laertus>i haven't completely decided on a language, but if i could use any language at all it would be a scheme, as the scheme family is my favorite
<laertus>but i don't want to write low-level stuff from scratch myself... would much rather use existing libraries
<laertus>so might be reluctantly dragged in to using a non-scheme/non-lisp language
<laertus>if they have the library support i need
<laertus>and if no scheme does
<laertus>also, as i'm going to be using genetic algorithms, performance might be important
<spk121>laertus: I once wrote a Guile program to read midi files
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<rekado>MIDI is *very* simple and using an existing non-Scheme library may be overkill
<rekado>dependent on whether you want to generate arbitrary pitches (in cents) you would need to translate from your generated sequence to something that MIDI can handle (base note + pitch bend offset) anyway
<laertus>spk121: what happened to it? also, did you ever write one to write midi files?
<spk121>laertus: found it. It is here
<laertus>nice name
<spk121>it converts midi into wave
<spk121>I never tried to write a midi file, so I guess I can't help you there.
<dsmith-work>UGT Greetings, Guilers
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<laertus>are there any guile-aware emacs major modes?
<laertus>or is scheme-mode about the best i'm going to get?
<laertus>nevermind... just found geiser
<davexunit>geiser is great. enjoy it. :)
<dsmith-work>laertus: And to make it even better, also use paredit
<laertus>i've never actually used paredit.. and not completely sold on it yet
<dsmith-work>I avoided it for a long while. But it really is great once you get used to it.
<laertus>because when i develop i often deliberately keep my parenthesis open to mark where i'm editing, so that i can remember where i was if i switch away to something and back
<laertus>then, if i try to eval the function i'm working on, it'll fail, and be pretty clear where and why
<dsmith-work>Only bad thing is I have some old muscle memory that do weird things in paredit. So I undo a lot..
<laertus>also, i'm an evil user... not sure how well paredit works with evil
<dsmith-work>Well, that's your problem right there! ;^}
<dsmith-work>Yeah, not sure.
<laertus>i've heard of some paredit-like packages for evil users
<laertus>not sure if geiser is flexible enough to use one of those instead of paredit proper
<laertus>or, i'd be perfectly happy without paredit-like editing right now, as i'm not sure if i'm ready to change my whole editing style just to use geiser
<dsmith-work>Don't need to use paredit with geiser.
<jlicht>laertus: I use lispy+lispyville with evil, it works fine most of the time