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<johnjay>str1ngs: do you develop on guix mostly?
<johnjay>i'm still stuck in the vanilla worlds of bsd and u buntu
<str1ngs>johnjay: mainly I develop on ubuntu. and I run guix foreign. it's a good mix for me.
<str1ngs>I do run guix system. but often times I need to test something local on ubuntu so it's easier this way for me.
<johnjay>that's not a bad phrase.
<johnjay>running in qemu-kvm = foreign
<str1ngs>johnjay: nope guix foreign distro. is guix running along side ubuntu.
<str1ngs>guix only touchs /gnu and /var/guix
<str1ngs>or any modern distro for that matter.
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<johnjay>oh i see
<stis>Hi guilers!