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<tohoyn>sneek, hello
<tohoyn>daviid: I have been away for some time. is there anything new with g-golf?
<tohoyn>sneek, botsnack
<roelj>Reading from a FIFO seems harder than I thought. I have the following snippet: This hangs if something was written before I open the FIFO, but works fine if I write something to it while I am already reading from the FIFO.. I thought ‘char-ready?’ would make sure the opposite happens.
<roelj>Any pointers to the docs would be appreciated. :)
<roelj>Oh I see this is quite a tricky part. I was reading the R5RS manual that didn't include the elaborate restrictions on when it works.
<lloda>I call (help (my module)) and I get
<lloda>While compiling expression:
<lloda>In procedure "primitive-call-ip": Wrong type argument in position 1 (expecting "PRIMITIVE_P"): #<procedure 1a17cc0 (_ _ _ _ _ _ _ _)>
<lloda>something in (my module) surely, but what? the module works fine from what I can tell
<lloda>a more general question, how can I get those While compiling expresion... errors to give me a backtrace
<lloda>ok I got to (compile '(begin (import (ice-9 session)) (help (ffi blis)))) ...
<lloda>that was (my module)
<lloda>looks like a bug in (texinfo reflection) :-\
<lloda>(help) doesn't seem to like it when I export from a macro
<dustyweb>hi davexunit !
<dustyweb>I guess I really ought to get those Haunt patches upstream to you
<dsmith-work>Happy Friday, Guilers!!
<civodul>hey dsmith-work, happy Friday! :-)
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<Wojciech_K_mkr>Hi! What is Guile's way of making sure resources are closed? I mean scenario like: 1. open a file 2. process contents 3. close file even if step 2 raised exception
<Wojciech_K_mkr>Should one just use exception handlers?
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<sp1ff>Wojciech_K_mkr: curious to hear from others, but for myself I use `call-with-port', or `call-with-input-file', and just count on the garbage collector on abnormal return (such as an error)
<hendursaga>Anyone here have experience with SXML?
<hendursaga>I'm looking for projects that use it, that are open-source. It seems a very good idea but doesn't seem to get much attention beyond papers and talks.
<pkill9>hendursaga: there is Haunt I think
<pkill9>a static website generator
<hendursaga>pkill9: Cool! And it has Atom support.
<hendursaga>At least building. Is there any RSS/Atom feeds readers/aggregators written in Scheme?
<dsmith-work>hendursaga: People are deathly afraid of parens for some reason.