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<marusich>Huh. Log search is broken.
<marusich>RhodiumToad, janneke, thank you for the reply the other day in - I see that although the Guile manual doesn't seem to discuss it, a form like (... TEMPLATE) is used in syntax-rules to escape ellipses (...) in the TEMPLATE, so (... ...) becomes ..., like you said. (R6RS 26 Sept 2007, p. 58)
<marusich>I will remember to check more places next time in my undying quest for knowledge.
<marusich>Speaking of R6RS, I just noticed this little gem in the Acknowledgements: "We also thank Betty Dexter for the extreme effort she put into setting this report in TEX, and Donald Knuth for de-signing the program that caused her troubles."
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<[rg]>holla folks, are guile libraries covered here too?
<tohoyn>sneek, botsnack
<chrislck>silly question: instead of (apply fn args), is there a reason why calling (fn . args) is not possible via syntax macro?
<chrislck>^ I appreciate it would make code look weird...
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<leoprikler>chrislck I think the syntax would be fn arg args ...
<leoprikler>(fn arg args ...) with brackets
<leoprikler>if you really want to have 0+ arguments (fn args ...) would probably work too
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<rekado>marusich: hmm, you got an extra “guile” there. This is the correct URL:
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