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<tohoyn>daviid, str1ngs: do you have experience about publishing software on Savannah?
<daviid>tohoyn: yes
<daviid>str1ngs, tohoyn, I just pushed aother series of patches that shouldn't affect your respective code, but yet ... when ever possible, please pull, make, check and let me know if there is a problem ...
<tohoyn>daviid: I'll check that
<daviid>ok great
<tohoyn>daviid: could you look at ? I don't understand what is wrong with my licenses.
<RhodiumToad>isn't the problem that they want you to use "gplv3 or any later version", not just "gplv3 only" ?
<tohoyn>RhodiumToad: quote from the license header: "... either version 3 of the License, or (at your option) any
<tohoyn>;; later version."
<RhodiumToad>did you say that in the application, though?
<tohoyn>RhodiumToad: See . There may be something wrong with the license header.
<RhodiumToad>I mean in your "registration details" on that page
<tohoyn>RhodiumToad: do you mean the Savannah project page?
<RhodiumToad>at the link you posted, under "Registration Details", it says "License: Other license (Most of the software is licensed under GPL v3. The documentation is licensed under GFDL-1.3. Some library modules are licensed under LGPL v3. ) "
<tohoyn>how should I change it?
<daviid>the header lacks a copyright though ... but i'll let RhodiumToad helping you ... not that they will check every file and they all must be 'ok' wrt to their license policy ...
<RhodiumToad>try "... Most of the software is licensed under GPL v3 or later. The documentation is licensed under GFDL-1.3. Some library modules are licensed under LGPL v3 or later."
<RhodiumToad>(I don't know if the GFDL has an "or later" but if it does, include that too)
<RhodiumToad>g-golf's page says it's lgpl v3 or later, so that's ok
<RhodiumToad>just remember that any time you mention the name of a license, always include or not include the "or later" part according to whether the thing being licensed does in fact specify that or not
<RhodiumToad>i.e. treat "gpl v3" and "gplv3 or later" as if they were completely different licenses
<RhodiumToad>note that I'm basically just guessing here based on the other guy's responses
<tohoyn>daviid: I checked the new G-Golf with Theme-D-Golf. it worked fine.
<daviid>perfect, tx
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<tohoyn>is it so that Guile bytecode files should not be stripped?
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<dsmith-work>Monday Greetings, Guilers
<dsmith-work>tohoyn: Right. Don't strip .go files
<dsmith-work>Only portions that are needed are loaded. But when you need it, it's there (like debug info)
<tohoyn>dsmith-work, tx
<heisenberg-25>Hi, quick question about using automake tools for guile. After running GUILE_PKG([3.0 2.9 2.2]) in, the $(GUILE_EFFECTIVE_VERSION) is empty in my what am I doing wrong? or do I have to re-run GUILE_PKG([3.0 2.9 2.2]) in the make file too
<civodul>heisenberg-25: "2.9" was never a valid effective version
<str1ngs> heisenberg-25: $(GUILE_EFFECTIVE_VERSION) should expand if you use GUILE_PKG . make sure you run autoreconf -ivf and ./configure again.
<manumanumanu>Hello everyone!
<dsmith-work>manumanumanu: I was very plesantly surprised that Rust has such a capable macro system. But.. Icky too. Because it can only use valid rust tokens.
<manumanumanu>yeah! I have seen some nice uses for it. Giving rust tco, for example :D
<heisenberg-25>civodul: I set it and it still giving me issues. The error I am getting is during make install, it is failing with "mkdir: /usr/local/guile: Permission denied, mkdir: /usr/local/guile: No such file or directory".
<heisenberg-25>so I thought the $(GUILE_EFFECTIVE_VERSION) might be empty as I have set moddir=$(prefix)/share/guile/site/$(GUILE_EFFECTIVE_VERSION)
<heisenberg-25>str1ngs: I'm using GUILE_PKG
<heisenberg-25>so $(info GUILE_VERSION is $(GUILE_EFFECTIVE_VERSION)) prints the correct version, so the $(GUILE_EFFECTIVE_VERSION) is being set :/
<str1ngs>heisenberg-25: probably in your case you want to do sudo make install
<dsmith-work>As in, you need to have permssions to make the dir.
<dsmith-work>I think if you are in the "staff" group on Debian you can scribble there.
<heisenberg-25>str1ngs: I fixed it by changing the dest installation. Thanks :)
<str1ngs> heisenberg-25 no problem, I'm assuming you changed it to a prefix you have write access to?
<roptat>hi, I'm trying to parse a big xml document (200MB) with guile, and using xml->sxml is not practical, as it is taking forever (and currently taking 3GB of memory...). I see there's a (sxml ssax) module that sounds more promising as it could allow me to process the xml file without having to load it all in memory first
<roptat>there's an introduction to it in the manual, but there's no example or documentation of the function, only a list of them. Is there any other place I could find some information about how to use this module?
<civodul>roptat: (guix import snix) uses it if it can help
<dsmith-work>As the documentation says: "SAX parsers are more efficient, but much harder to user"
<roptat>especially when they are not documented :p
<roptat>I'm looking at the code for (sxml simple)
<civodul>(guix cve) used to use it also
<roptat>thanks for the help, I think I'll be able to do what I want :)
<heisenberg-25>is there any way to embed guile in a website?
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<heisenberg-25>found this but not sure if it supports embedding
<rgherdt>heisenberg-25: regarding guile I don't know, but take a look at biwascheme
<hugo>Is there some good alternative to parameters for multi threaded programs? I want to be able to change the value in a limited scope, but still being able to override the global from any thread.
<hugo>I know I can roll my own, but something well thought through might work better