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<wingo>lloda: yes certainly!
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<dsmith-work>{appropriate time} Greetings, Guilers
<bricewge>Hello Guilers!
<bricewge>Does building a static guile on armhf works?
<bricewge>It seems to hang on my machine as well as in Guix's CI
<chrislck> is an interesting GUI toolkit... wonder how hard would be to write guile bindings
<lloda>wingo: ty, done
<tohoyn>sneek, botsnack
<dsmith-work>bricewge: Is the jit enabled for that? There are some problems with the jit on 32bit arm. (when calls go back and forth between thumb<->arm)
<dsmith-work>Which reminds me...
<heisenberg-25>are there any websockets implementation in guile?
<dsmith-work>Thread 1 (LWP 507):
<dsmith-work>#0 0x76ee6f12 in scm_is_pair (x=0x0) at pairs.h:182
<dsmith-work>#1 scm_sloppy_assq (key=0x752076f0, alist=0x0) at alist.c:59
<dsmith-work>Those 0x0's should not be there, right?
<bricewge>dsmith-work: No JIT, I applied
<bricewge>It looks to be Guix related issues, the CI don't honor timeout and it seems that building it that way (via binfmt and without parallelization) it takes a long tens of hours
<bricewge>I'll wait an report tomorrow if it fail
<dsmith-work>sneek: guile-software?
<sneek>Its been said that guile-software is at
<dsmith-work>heisenberg-25: There is something listed at ^^
<dsmith-work>Seems a bit old
<dsmith-work>Last update 4 years ago
<heisenberg-25>dsmith-work: Checking it. thanks
<dsmith-work>And in the later backtrace:
<dsmith-work>#4 0x76f0b97e in throw_ (args=, key=0x0) at intrinsics.c:352
<dsmith-work>Key is a SCM. Should not be 0x0
<dsmith-work>I guess because of the "stack corrupt" message, none of that can be relied upon.
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