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<rndd>hi everyone! how i can call function description in repl?
<ft>,d function-name
<rndd>ft: thank you very much
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<emys>is there a procedure I can use to get the absolute path for a relative path supplied as an argument?
<emys>like (abs '.') ; => "/home/....."
<tohoyn>emys: getcwd returns the current working directory
<emys>tohoyn, ok, bad example what if I want to have a user-supplied path like `../lsjdfk/asdfs` expanded to the absolute path
<emys>kind of looking for a guile equivalent to
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<rekado>emys: you are probably looking for canonicalize-path
<emys>rekado, thats it
<alextee[m]>what's missing if guile reads/prints french accented letters like "?"
<alextee[m]> * what's missing if guile reads/prints french accented letters like "?" ?
<wingo>alextee[m]: setting locale
<wingo>maybe guile failed to install your locale?
<wingo>pre-2.2 this was more common
<alextee[m]>maybe, this is mingw btw. i think it uses 2.2
<dsmith>So for some reason, I was looking into slime. And happened upon this:
<catonano>dsmith: in reading it, I undertsand where the inspiration for LSP came from
<manumanumanu>I shit you not: mac os x decided to re-map my paragraph sign to the swedish letter ö in the last update.
<nalkri>at least it wasn't å
<manumanumanu>which makes for all sorts of problems: it is my emacs leader key, I use alt+ö (meaning paragraph) to summon my quake-style terminal
<manumanumanu>and it is just extremely annoying
<rekado>dsmith: I wonder how much of this is missing in Geiser
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