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<tohoyn>daviid: you said there are no struct or union type in g-golf. however, when I display an GdkEvent it says #<<gdk-event> 56044fc938a0>
<sneek>Welcome back tohoyn, you have 5 messages!
<sneek>tohoyn, daviid says: I fixed the bitwise ops multiple modules import warning - although I didn't (ever) see it, I wonder why but any, fixed
<sneek>tohoyn, daviid says: you should use the <gdk-event> accessors (which are actually not 'real' accessors, but that's an impleentation detail), not the 'long names' gdk-* procedures, which are not getters ...
<sneek>tohoyn, daviid says: you should not use g-golf 'internals', that part of the manual is for myself :), contributors and future maintainer(s) - as a user, you should use (g-golf), gi-import or (selectively import) gi-import-by-name, and then use the api that is defined/provided by the (type)lib(s) you are 'dealing' with
<sneek>tohoyn, daviid says: there is no struct/union type in g-golf
<sneek>tohoyn, daviid says: those are decoded as a list, a value or a pointer if it is opaque
<tohoyn>sneek: tx
<tohoyn>daviid: whatever <gdk-event> is (value?) are types like that disjoint?
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<TvCvRuy007>sneek: botsnack
<chrislck>sneek: is a good bot
<sneek>chrislck, you have 1 message!
<sneek>chrislck, dsmith-work says: Watch out. (eq!) will eval every espression, but (and) might not.
<chrislck>dsmith-work: oh that's true...
<dsmith>Also evals the eXpressions
<civodul>hmm what's the name of 'filter' in elisp?
<tohoyn>daviid: it would be good for Theme-D if you could obtain the types of the properties. BTW, setters use class <top> as the type of the value set currently.
<rekado_>civodul: cl-remove?
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<civodul>rekado: ah, could be, thanks!
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<civodul>i have a Cairo surface and i'd like to turn that into a PDF
<civodul>(using Guile-Cairo)
<civodul>does anyone have experience with that?
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<mwette>imagemagick methinks. cairo also has PDF i/f IIRC
<civodul>yes it does, but i don't quite understand the API
<mwette>ImageMagick has "convert" tool that convert among png, pdf, etc. Or do you want to use the cairo API?
<civodul>yeah i really want to use Cairo, via Guile-Charting
<mwette>I don't use that, but via ffi helper used cairo_image_surface_create. I see cairo_pdf_surface_create. Do those appear in the Guile-Charting API?
<dale`>Is there somebody here who can advise where to discuss new module development?
<civodul>mwette: i eventually found how to do it!
<civodul>i'm using Guile-Charting, which uses the Guile-Cairo bindings
<civodul>and yes, it provides bindings for cairo_pdf_surface_create
<dale`>Hmmm.... When creating a new module, is it best to target ice-9, or to engage with the SRFI or RNRS people first?
<tohoyn>dale: AFAIK ice-9 is limited to guile
<dale`>Yep, I get that, but that's good enough for my purposes
<dale`>Does anybody know the best time of day to come in here?
<RhodiumToad>from my logs, it's usually reasonably quiet, but only about 23:00-05:00 UTC stands out as a particularly slack time
<RhodiumToad>bah, they left
<tohoyn>dale: I usually use RnRS compatible procedures if they are available
<dsmith-work>I *think* dale` was meaning creating a new module. Should it be in ice-9 or srfi or rnrs?
<rekado>I would hope that nothing will be added to ice-9
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<g0d_shatter>hey all, I just got an interesting error while hand installing gdb on the latest kali
<g0d_shatter>thats from just starting gdb w/o any file under target
<g0d_shatter>and this is trying a couple of guile expressions in the repl
<g0d_shatter>fwiw I've gotten this now on two different machines with kali
<g0d_shatter>this is the set of options I used with configure
<g0d_shatter>if anyone has any ideas on what I can do to remedy this I'd be mighty appreciative!
<dsmith-work>Something to always look for: Do you have more than one guile installed? Like from os package and also from source?
<dsmith-work>g0d_shatter: ^^
<g0d_shatter>I do, I have guile-3.0 as well, from os package
<g0d_shatter>do you think I should try removing and recompiling w/o the other guile?
<g0d_shatter>dsmith-work: ^^
<dsmith-work>You could try running gdb under "strace -efile" and see if the files its trying to open are the ones you expect.
<dsmith-work>You *can* have parallel installs of guile, but only on major verisons. So, you can't have 3.0.1 and 3.0.2 installed at the same time.
<dsmith-work>Also, if you installed from source, it's probably in /usr/local ? Might be finding the system one first?
<g0d_shatter>Not sure on that last bit, I compiled with --prefix=/usr, so that would rule that one out, no? I'll try running strace now and see what I get
<dsmith-work>In general, it would be best if you only have one guile version installed.
*wingo starts work on wee baseline compiler for guile
<dsmith-work>wingo: Have been able to check out that lightening PR yet?
<wingo>yes it looks good!!
<wingo>i should just apply it
<dsmith-work>wingo: I still get errors occasionaly and solidly with threshold=0.
<dsmith-work>I need to try aarch64
<wingo>will look into it
<wingo>on my list.
<dsmith-work>Cool! (I did file a bug with some backtraces. Hope that can help)
<g0d_shatter>dsmith-work: thanks for your help earlier, that solved the problem completely
<dsmith-work>Np. Glad to help.