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<srandon111>mwette, are we reading the same manual? whre is the "help" thing written?
<mwette>srandon111: didn't see "help" mentioned. Are you looking for a search database for guile help? Not sure about that.
<srandon111>mwette, damn.. guys we have to improve the doc system
<mwette>lol : the microsoft generation
<srandon111>mwette, what microsoft generation?
<srandon111>look at racket/clojure they have good docs
<srandon111>examples everywhere
<srandon111>we need to improve that
<mwette>It would be nice to have examples, yes. That's the first place people usually go. Maybe the best way to start would be with an FAQ.
<malaclyps>srandon111, i'm up for helping if you want to plot together!
<str1ngs>or maybe more like emacs, where it has a reference manual. and and Emasp lisp intro
<str1ngs>and the*
<srandon111>malaclyps, plot ogether examples?
<srandon111>malaclyps, are you there/
<malaclyps>srandon111, yeah, or better documentation
<srandon111>actually i was working on a small tutorial/course about scheme programming techniques
<srandon111>and i wanted to do it guile flavored
<malaclyps>i mean "different documentation" -- it's good documentation, it's just some people ahve different tastes
<srandon111>malaclyps, guile actually other than the main reference lacks resources like tutorials/books/ and so on
<malaclyps>srandon111, i agree!
<srandon111>i wanted to cover, function design, data structure design, recursive function for iteration processes, recursive function for recursion processes, trees, means of abstraction and so on
<srandon111>a sort of easy level SICP tutorial
<srandon111>all in guile
<malaclyps>srandon111, happy to be a reader/editor for you
<srandon111>thanks malaclyps let's keep in touch now here is 2.28 AM, do i find you on this channel?
<malaclyps>i was also thinking that a "Modern Guile" guide might be good, based on the standards that Guix is sort of developing
<srandon111>malaclyps, yes definitely
<malaclyps>srandon111, I'm often here, i'll msg you my email too
<srandon111>ok go on
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*guix-vits Hi there (i'm "afk")
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<dsmith-work>{appropriate time} Greetings, Guilers
<mwette>Same to you. Have a good day. I'm off to work, in the dining room.
<manumanumanu>Ahoy hoy, guilers
<anadon>What does R7RS stand for?
<manumanumanu>Revisedā· Report on the Algorithmic Language Scheme
<dsmith-work>Yeah, I'm working out of my basement
<jcowan>anadon: So it is the seventh revision of the original Report on Scheme, which can retrospectively be called R0RS.
<jcowan>The name in turn tracks the Report and the Revised Report on the Algorithmic Language Algol 60, which contributed many features to Scheme (but not its syntax)
<jcowan>Unfortunately, the third and last Algol 60 report was not the Revised Revised Report but the Modified Report. But I still like to call it R2RA60.
<anadon>You see, I was born in 1991. I missed all this.
<alextee[m]>i want to find all files under a directory (no subdirs) ending in a suffix
<alextee[m]>is file-system-fold what i'm looking for?
<rekado>no recursion? Then use scandir.
<alextee[m]>oh thanks!
<jcowan>anadon: Those who do not learn from history are doomed to make a balls of their current projects.
<alextee[m]>file-exists? works for dirs too right?
*alextee[m] tries
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<alextee[m]>doesn't it seems
<alextee[m]>oh it does
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<anadon>jcowan: Thus all this time and effort to try and make my paper right.
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<dsmith-work>I've been working on updating buildroot for guile 3.0. The jit was making bad code.
<dsmith-work>Works fine without the jit.
<dsmith-work>(this is for rpi3)
<dsmith-work>Then I found that the jit only creates thumb code, and that Debian builds everything as thumb.
<dsmith-work>Explains why it (well, 3.0.0) is working on my beaglebone.
<dsmith-work>So Iv'e configured to build for thumb instead. And now I'm getting a segfault about half the time.
<dsmith-work>while true; do cat /dev/null | guile > /dev/null ; echo $? >> /tmp/errors; done
<dsmith-work>and then: sort /tmp/errors | uniq -c
<dsmith-work> 93 0
<dsmith-work> 97 139
<dsmith-work>If I redirect stdin directly, no errors. (like guile </dev/nuil)
<dsmith-work>And if I redirect stderr to /dev/null, also get no errors.
<dsmith-work>So it's about 50% I get a segfault.
<dsmith-work>The actual error varies
<dsmith-work>But it's usually some "Exception thrown while printing backtrace"
<dsmith-work>What could cause the differnce between "< /dev/null
<dsmith-work>" and
<dsmith-work>"cat /dev/null | "
<dsmith-work>Both are not tty's. Must be because it's a pipe?
<wleslie>good gmt morning