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<roptat>Hi, I'm trying to modify an xml file that has an "xmlns". xml->sxml gives me something like this: for the top-level element. I can modify the sxml representation, but when I try to use sxml->xml to convert it back to xml, I get this error: "Invalid QName: more than one colon"
<roptat>what can I do to get a document that starts with a <project> element?
<roptat>should I process every element to change their name?
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<dftxbs3e>I'm getting an error in GNU Guile: 'VM: Bad instruction: 71a8', any ideas?
<mwette>Are you by any chance using .go files across multiple guile versions or multiple machine architectures?
<dftxbs3e>mwette, not sure. GNU Guix master in latest versions mixes GNU Guile 2.2 and GNU Guile 3.0
<dftxbs3e>but I'd think it would handle that properly
<daviid>str1ngs: I pushed a series of patches, and now signal callback that have pointers to interface(s) argument should work - it works here but ... deserves more tests as usual
<daviid>whenever you have the opportunity, pull, run the make dance and try, you should be able to fully implement the 'open (as example) signal callback in scgheme as well ... let me know
<daviid>I will improve this, but not in a way that should affect your code
<daviid>at least not in any 'anooying' or complex way, it might need adjustemnts, let's see (once these interfces becomes goops classes and instances)
<str1ngs>sneek: later tell daviid, thanks will check this out ASAP.
<sneek>Welcome back str1ngs, you have 2 messages.
<sneek>str1ngs, nly says: thanks
<sneek>str1ngs, nly says: i need this variable 'WEBKIT_NETWORK_PROXY_MODE':
<str1ngs>sneek: later tell nly, try with 'custom
<sneek>Got it.
<nly>thanks str1ngs
<sneek>Welcome back nly, you have 1 message.
<sneek>nly, str1ngs says: try with 'custom
<nly>it works
<RhodiumToad>roptat: sxml's support for namespaces is rather ... minimal
<chrislck>sneek: botsnack
<chrislck>good bot
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<MtotheM>I don't know who packages guile. but come there is no package for guile3 in the Arch Linux repo? must I build it myself then?
<spk121>MtotheM: You will probably have to build it yourself. As I recall, Arch Linux uses pacman packages. I do not know of any unofficial Arch pacman packages for Guile that you can use.
<oni-on-ion>happy that debian testing got 3.0 no more than a week after its release
<civodul>wingo: i've updated NEWS on master
<civodul>i'd like to release today or tomorrow, WDYT?
<civodul>Guile 2.2.7 is out! :-)
<civodul>thanks, i didn't do that much actually
<RhodiumToad>no sxml fix :-(
<civodul>i did go through debbugs, but obviously didn't fix everything :-)
<civodul>please do ping people if something's important has been overlooked!
<civodul>we might be able to fix it for 3.0.1, too
<rndd>hi everyone! is there any (dolist) from emacs alternative in guile?
<RhodiumToad>well, dunno if you'd call it important, given that it's about 20 years old and nobody seemed to have ever noticed it
<RhodiumToad>rndd: (for-each) ?
<RhodiumToad>rndd: it's a bit different in detail but you could probably do a (dolist) macro easily enough
<rndd>RhodiumToad: ok, found definitions, thank you
<rlb>civodul: I was wondering whether it might be plausible to try --disable-jit on debian armel for now for 3.0, see if that might at least allow it to build/migrate. Any opinion? I'm not at all sure what the problem is, but I thought someone said something earlier making me wonder about that as a potential stopgap.
<civodul>rlb: in Guix we --disable-jit on ARMv7 for now
<civodul>it sounds like the right option until we have a proper fix
<rlb>Ahh, maybe it was you that said something :) i.e. I didn't remember for sure that we thought there was a relationship (and/or that --disable-jit worked). Thanks -- I'll do that in the next upload.
<civodul>heh, cool :-)
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<str1ngs>hello daviid. the new closure works well. at-least I've tested with 'open so far.
<mwette>civodul: congrats on the 2.2.7 release
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