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<rndd>hi everyone!
<rndd>could I ask newbe question here?
<mwette>rndd: yes
<rlb>sneek later tell rndd of course
<rndd>i have question about guile compiler. i found function compile-file
<rndd> and argument #:output-file. but the result is a bite-code. can i
<rndd> build machine code out of guile file?
<rndd>and, of cource, hi everyone
<wingo>rndd: guile doesn't currently do ahead-of-time compilation to native code; it has a just-in-time compiler instea
<wingo>i.e. guile does ahead-of-time scheme -> bytecode, and just-in-time bytecode -> native code
<gagbo>.go is the bytecode file extension then ?
<gagbo>Good to know thanks :)
<rndd>wingo: thank you for answer
<wingo>moorning :)
<chrislck>or good ewe-ning!
<rekado_>janneke: unfortunately, GNU rarely feels like a cohesive project. GNU is best when its packages are well integrated with one another.
<rekado_>janneke: in the case of Guile Studio I think the concern is misplaced, though. Emacs cannot possibly be everything to everyone out of the box.
<janneke>rekado_: :-( / :-)
<rekado_>Guile Studio tweaks the defaults to be a better tool for new Guile users.
<janneke>rekado_: would like to see it less black/white
<rekado_>those who don’t want to use Emacs for Emacs’ sake.
<janneke>on the one hand, rms had a vision: gnu packages shall use guile as extension language
<janneke>and also, gnu uses emacs as its editor
<janneke>rekado_: sure, but that group is potentially bigger than guile newbies
<janneke>oh well...let's keep on nudging :-)
<rekado_>janneke: I’m not confident enough in the objective value of my changes to propose them to the Emacs developers, and I don’t feel like defending these changes over weeks on emacs-devel.
<rekado_>others have tried to change the defaults but met resistance. One example is the better-defaults package — which I don’t use for Guile Studio, because it removes the menus…
<rekado_>I don’t think it’s possible to find consensus on changes to the defaults.
<rekado_>it would take a vision
<rekado_>I have one for the very specific use case of a Guile editor for newbies. But that’s not necessarily the best for Emacs in the general case.
<rekado_>… I do not want to see Guile Studio becoming too big, though. Whatever *can* go into Emacs *should* make its way into Emacs (or relevant packages).
<janneke>rekado_: yeah, i'm not trying to criticize you, i think guile studio is great
<janneke>i imagine so much could be done if people got together for a week to just make things better
<RhodiumToad>in an ideal world, yes, because people would agree on what needed to be done
<apapsch>hello guilers
<apapsch>some time ago I used m4 to generate PHP code (yes, double d'oh). I'm wondering how guile could be leveraged instead to generate PHP, and make it a single d'oh ;-)
<apapsch>iirc, there was some effort to generate C code. that might be a starting point. do you know where I can find it?
***apteryx_ is now known as apteryx
<mwette>apapsch: I don't see anything wrong w/ using M4. I've found it to be very flexible. Before the days of automake I used M4 to generate Makefiles; I think that worked better than automake does.
<apapsch>mwette: It's not inherently bad. it has some warts though, i.e. everything being a string or the arcane looping
<dsmith-work>Thursday Greetings, Guilers
<mwette>do you write looping macros? check
<dsmith-work>Years ago, I was using some 68K assmembers (on DOS!) that didn't have any macros. M4 was *very* useful!
<apapsch>mwette: yes I wrote some foreach macro, though I may have gleaned it from the manual:
<apapsch>dsmith-work: isn't everything a macro in m4? :-)
<dsmith-work>apapsch: Can be.
<dsmith-work>The diversions are cool. Can create symbol tables and things. I've often wished the C pp had something like that.
*rotty used, aeons ago, m4 to generate C++ "variadic" templates, before variadic templates were added to the language. much fun debugging the compiler messages
*rotty copied this strategy from libsigc++ at the time
<rotty>apapsch: may be of interest; formatting combinators are really nice for such thing, and you probably could base PHP combinators on the C combinators provided
*rotty used `fmt` to generate C code for a university assignment once, to work around the lack of generics in C
<rotty>you cannot really tell the difference from hand-written code, IIRC
<rotty>rekado_, janneke: speaking of making things better in Emacs, the Scheme mode could really take some love; the thing that annoys me most is the very low-level indentation customization via symbol properties; e.g. see <>
<rotty>I once added improved support for that to an abandoned (I think) fork of scheme mode:
<rotty>i never got around to upstreaming that into Emacs, tough
<stis>sneek bugs
<sneek>From what I understand, bugs is send reports to, and see bug reports at
<longshi>Hello! I've come back to scheme hacking from using go for my (mostly hobbyist) programming and (re-)started with guile as my implementation after reading a blog. I must say, i'm delighted -- and now i've got myself a perfect setup.
<longshi>I switched to spacemacs some time ago (was using nvim and have run code using chez interpreter)
<longshi>So now i have geiser, paredit -- and also like a week ago i discoveded nov.el, with allows to read .epub books in a regular buffer
<longshi>Only thing missing is a package manager
<longshi>Is akku alright? guildhall seems inferior, but it appears more default
<longshi>Do you recommend anything?
<str1ngs>longshi: assuming you use guix works well if say you use GNU/Linux
<str1ngs>longshi: I meant, guix works well if you use GNU/Linux
<longshi>yeah, i'm on manjaro, so compatibility shouldn't be a problem -- thanks!
<longshi>Wow, i never knew such thing existed
*longshi thinks it seems nice