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<gnufr33d0m>I'm trying to install guile 3 on my PureOS with guix and can't see to figure out how. Is this possible?
<sneek>Welcome back gnufr33d0m, you have 2 messages.
<sneek>gnufr33d0m, str1ngs says: if you are on foreign distro. you also have to install the glibc-locales into root's current-guix profile. like so guix install -p .config/guix/profile glibc-locales . then you need to restart guix-daemon. assuming you are using systemd . sudo systemctl restart guix-daemon .
<sneek>gnufr33d0m, str1ngs says: ~root/.config/guix/profile to be more precise
<rlb>s390x may be fine -- I just built the debs on zelenka successfully, so I'll see about a buildd "give back" there (i.e. rebuild).
<jackhill>gnufr33d0m: I believe guile 3 on guix is still called guile-next for now
<jackhill>additional library are called guile3.0-whatever
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<civodul>howdy wingo!
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<jcowan>RhodiumToad: The SXML 3.0 doc says that (*COMMENT* "foo") is the SXML representation of <!--foo-->, but that the SXML parser ignores comments. I don't know if the SXML printer renders them, but I don't see why it wouldn't.
<RhodiumToad>well, there is no code to render them
<RhodiumToad>hence my "hemipygian" comment; stuff is missing for no good reason
<dsmith-work>UGT Greetings, Guilers
<RhodiumToad>greetings to you
<dsmith-work>RhodiumToad: "hemipygian" is new to me.
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<RhodiumToad>(cf. callipygian = nice-assed, and steatopygous = fat-assed)
<wingo>you seem to take a half-empty approach to glass fullness :)
<RhodiumToad>wrong size glass
<civodul>wingo: just emailed interesting findings about bignums on guile-devel
<civodul>it made my day!
<civodul>and i'm sure it can make us all happier, especially the Guix among us :-)
<manumanumanu>wingo:" Looking at a glass you can interpret it two ways. Life, however, is always half empty." Quote from a Norwegian TV-series I identified with as a 20-something old. :D
<jcowan>RhodiumToad: The "good reason" why things are missing is that the author didn't care about them. The Curse of Lisp strikes:
<dsmith-work>jcowan: (without reading all the way through yet) I think Rob Pike was saying something similar about OS reserch. Things have been basically stagnant since Unix.
<dsmith-work>AH, this:
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<dsmith-work>jcowan: Nope. Nevermind.
<RhodiumToad>jcowan: yes, that explains a lot
<jcowan>I know that Pike talk, and I don't agree. Plenty of research is going on, but it's a matter of finer details than before. (There's also the problem that "engineering" papers have become unwelcome in CS journals, and so their insights don't get into the citable literature).
<jcowan> That's like saying the development of book fonts has been stagnant since the 19C: it hasn't, it's just that the broad outlines of what readers expect from a book font are set. Nobody's going to read a book in Comic Sans or (Ghu forbid it!) Stop.
<dsmith-work>Is Mathieu Othacehe in here?
<stis>time to give my SICP to my daughter and install guile. I asked her and she is interested.
<dsmith-work>stis: A family heirloom. Nice.
<linas>I recently started getting this message: WARNING: Use of `load' in declarative module (opencog matrix). Add #:declarative? #f to your define-module invocation.
<linas>but google does not know what it means ...
<linas>The module is using `load` to load all of the assorted files that define it ...
<linas>Hmm this:
<linas>but what does the use of `load` have to do with it?
<linas>or rather, how do I tell guile that, yes, it is declarative, anyway.
<linas>ohh .. manye I need to `include` instead of `load` ? ahh that must be it ...
<linas>Hmm `include-from-path` since plain `include` pukes OK, got it...