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<rlb>wingo: is this expected?
<rlb>$ nm -D /usr/lib/x86_64-linux-gnu/ | grep scm_sym_unquote
<rlb>0000000000127300 B scm_sym_unquote
<rlb>$ nm -D /usr/lib/x86_64-linux-gnu/ | grep scm_sym_unquote
<rlb>i.e. no scm_sym_unquote in 3.0?
<rlb>No current preference either way -- I can work around it, but that's what caused my load-extension to start failing mysteriously.
<rlb>So just thought I'd ask if we meant to do that.
<jcowan>When I did one of those tests, what seemed to paritcularly impress the judges was that I had included a README file.
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<rlb>In a module that dynamic-link's some code and then uses some of the SCM_DEFINEs from the shared lib, 3.0 now gives a bunch of "possibly unbound variable" warnings. Is there a typical way to handle that?
<pinoaffe>wingo: I mean, aren't function arguments already (part of) a single data structure?
<akhetopnu>Hello. I'm trying to install guile 3.0 and I can't. The command on the download page is not working. I'm specifying `guix install guile@3.0` and it says 'package not found for version 3.0'. I tried some bugfix versions 3.0.1 to 3.0.5 but they couldn't be found either.
<akhetopnu>I did `guix pull` and the news part says guix is now running on guile 3.0
<akhetopnu>`guix search guile` shows only 2.2.*
<akhetopnu>(and one 1.8*)
<w96k>Hello. How to get current directory in guile?
<w96k>I tried to use (system "pwd"), but it returns a code status and I need stdout
<w96k>Sorry for such newbie question
<lloda>w96k: getcwd
<lloda> & search 'directory'
<lloda>it would be cool if ,a / apropos searched docstrings
<lloda>maybe another command tho
<w96k>Thank you. I tried to find it myself, but failed (:
<lloda>np, ask any questions you have
<lloda>you can also do it with system pwd with like (read (open-input-pipe "pwd"))
<dsmith>rlb: What was it you were doing that you discoverd the missing symbols in libguile*.so ?
<dsmith-work>Happy Friday, Guilers!!
<ioa>good morning
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<rlb>wingo: hah, thanks.
<rlb>dsmith: just had a shared lib that was creating/returning a unquoted data structure from a SCM_DEFINED function, i.e. scm_cons_2(scm_sym_unquote, x, y);
<dsmith-work>rlb: Ahh.