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<mwette>I've read wingo's that states (in my words) mutable top-level bindings in modules are old school. If so, is replacing top-level variables with fluids or parameters enough?
<mwette>I have done this in nyacc, but wonder if I should do a scrub of everything.
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<lispmacs>if I created a scheme procedure with scm_c_define_gsubr, is there a way I can add a documentation string to that procedure?
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<lispmacs>does the documentation string get stored in a property?
<RhodiumToad>it seems so
<RhodiumToad>specifically the 'documentation property
<manumanumanu>wingo, civodul: There are some small things I did not include in the transducers patch (sorry, Haven't had a computer over christmas and new years): I thought a little over christmas, and realized I forgot to add a cond-expand sho-be-do for srfi-171.
<manumanumanu>Should I add that and make a new patch with everything added? like a squashed commit, or whatever the git folks call it.
*wingo updated graphs on to be more comprehensible
<civodul>wingo: neat, the graphs do look nicer this way!
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