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<daviid>it is my current high priority, a matter of hours, days at most
<zig>happy new year #guile!
<civodul>yay! :-)
<str1ngs>daviid: ahh (gi-cache-show 'flag) is nice thank you. I've been trying to move more to introspection discovery this helps
<ZombieChicken>mwette: hi
<ZombieChicken>How is guile's memory usage? I have something I'm wanting to write, but Racket is taking up a bit too much memory for my liking; just the libs I'm wanting to use are taking up ~50MB, which imo is insane for what amounts to little more than what will be a minimal IRC client
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<spk121>happy new year. If anyone who know nyacc wants to help me get started, I send a question to guile-user
<mwette>spk121: did you look at the javascript example? Looking at your email. I will try
<mwette>sorry javascript is not ecma-48;
<mwette>and have you looked at the PEG parser in guile?
<spk121>mwette: there's a PEG parser? haha. I'd never noticed that. I don't do a lot of formal parsing? Thanks
<mwette>also (main ($empty) (lf) (osc) ...) should bd (main ($empty) (main lf) (main osc) ...)