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<str1ngs>hello daviid I fixed the libg-golf issue on guix by substituting after install phase. see
<daviid>str1ngs: hello, nice, but it seems you are doing things in a different way then what has been done for guile-cv, and I think it would be better to do 'exactly' (except for the number and name of the dependencies of course) what is done for guile-cv, in general and in particular for its init.scm for g-golf in general and in particular for its init.scm file
<daviid>str1ngs: the guile-cv guix package def has been added by a guix maintainer, I am pretty sure not only does he know exactly what needs to be done, but most probably does he also know the best way to acheive the results ... and notably when the package is or not yet installed, running the tests needs uninstalled libg-golg ...
<str1ngs>sneek: later tell daviid. thanks I had thought of modifying autotools next to account for the re basing. I'll see if this will work for g-golf as well. particularly the use of $GUILE_EFFECTIVE_VERSION is nice.
<rgherdt>hi all! Any suggestion, when one should prefer writing C extensions over using Dynamic FFI or vice-versa? Specially when one has to deal with complex C structs malloced by an external library, I suspect C extensions are quite more flexible regarding memory management and such, am I right?
<rgherdt>and are there any performance differences between both approaches?
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<str1ngs>rgherdt: C extensions are nice if you want to call scheme from C as well.
<str1ngs>sneek: later tell daviid. it took a while for me to grok why using GUILE_GGOLF_UNINSTALLED was better. I've switched the substitution to work like guile-cv. thanks for pointing this out. I'm not confident substituting configure is better then just re basing the modules by simply moving them. but I've switched to using that as well.
<rgherdt>thanks str1ngs, that's a trivial advantage I overlooked
<str1ngs> rgherdt: also in IMHO C extensions can be somewhat safer. since you get compile time type checking. and you can structure your code to only pass and return SCM types. FFI is still handy though in that it does not require C completion or the library to exist at all. which means you can enable disable the feature at runtime.
<rgherdt>good point, thx