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<daviid>spk121_: guile-gi has been added to
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<daviid>str1ngs: hello! I pushed a series of doc patches for the (g-golf) high level api, and although I think you aready know about most of this, if not all about this, I'd recommend you pull, run the make/ make check/make install/make install-html dance, and carefully read the doc for gi-import-function, as well as the some how 'associated' %gi-strip-boolean-result variable
<str1ngs>daviid: thank you will read this ASAP.
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<lloda>why would it be that (major/minor/micro-version) return "2"/"9"/"7" but (version) returns "UNKNOWN" ?
<lloda>I don't remember if this happened before but I'd say it's a bug
<lloda>you can ofc ,bt but the first location report is not useful
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<zig>I am actively looking for ways to get paid for my work on nomunofu, babelia and datae. Any advice welcome.
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<zig>btw, I just tried blazegraph (the database used by wikidata), nomunofu is query is 4 times faster.
<zig>btw, I just tried blazegraph (the database used by wikidata), nomunofu query is 4 times faster.
<zig>I could not benchmark reliably the import time.
<stis>tja guilers!
<ArneBab>zig: async-std sounds awesome
<ArneBab>zig: but the real test will be whether servers implemented with that outperform other servers
<ArneBab>zig: my main issue with guile-fibers is currently that it never reduces memory consumption: there is no mechanism to reap no longer needed fibers.
<ArneBab>(at least not in the (fibers web server))
<ArneBab>zig: so they’ll need to release their minihttp with async-std and get it into the TechEmpower benchmark
*bavier really wanting truncated-print in the repl right now...
<daviid>bavier: if it is just the repl, follow the instructions here
<daviid>bavier: for the rasied exceptin system, try to find and apply the patches in the wip-truncate-exception, for you guile version ... or 'manually' the next section steps of the above link ...