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<dsmith>Yey! I did get the Guile mail today. Whew.
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<daviid>str1ngs: I was working on glib io-channels, because the guile-async2 authors needs at least one g-io-add-watch* procedure, and out of this came a few important enhancements, not 'directly relevant' to your usecase I think, but whenever you are free to do so, please pull and run the make/install dance ...
<daviid>str1ngs: only if you are interested, here is a simple test example for the new g-io-add-watch-fd procedure - - drop it in a file, save, chmod a+x and run/try it ... it should not crash :)
<str1ngs>daviid: looks good. will test this out thanks.
<zig>hello #guile
<wingo>ecraven: tx for info but i can't find your r7rs libs for chez scheme
<wingo>there is no link in the README
<wingo>found it:
<wingo>but then it won't find srfi-9 ? weird
<zig>do you know a glob pattern matcher for guile?
<zig>(or at least scheme
<wingo>zig: there is an slib one
<wingo>and a guile version is somewhere in guile-gnome
<wingo>zig: guix seems to have one
<nerdypepper>o/ i was building guile 2.2 and it looks like the readline module was not built/installed
<nerdypepper>any hints on getting that working?
<nerdypepper>aka, libguilereadline.a is not present under ${prefix}/lib
<nerdypepper>the readme does mention "this will be installed if a recent enough readline library can be found"
<nerdypepper>i have libreadline8-8 installed
<lloda>was libreadline detected in configure nerdypepper? you may need configure --with-libreadline-prefix if configure doesn't understand your setup
<dsmith-work>nerdypepper: Might need the -dev package installed.
<nerdypepper>lloda, dsmith-work: thanks for the help
<nerdypepper>its probably an issue with prefix, ill check it out in a moment
<nerdypepper>dsmith-work: ah, my distro dosent seem to package that, ill have to look into that as well
<zig>tx wingo I will look into those. The guix implementation is out, because i need foo*bar kind of glob.
<daviid>zig: the same glob that is in guile-gnome is in grip, but with an slib module which includes it and export the golb:make-matcher, so one can do ,use (grip support slib) ... fwiw
<roelj>How can write the number "1.056e7" as "10560000" in scheme?
<roelj>(I don't want the scientific notation)
<rekado_>roelj: do you mean write using “write” or print it or convert it to a string?
<roelj>rekado_: print as a string
<daviid>roelj: (number->string 10560000)
<roelj>daviid: ha! I calculate the number and use "round" to round it to the nearest integer. When I then convert it to a string with number->string I get the scientific notation.
<daviid>oh you men to 'expand' the scientific notation
<daviid>maybe format will do that, not sure, ot this 'new' srfi i forgot the name
<roelj>Well, I just want to number printed in full, so that something that expects bytes can just interpret it.
<roelj>Hm, the best I can come up with is: (string-drop-right (format #f "~,0,f" the-number) 1)
<daviid>roelj: was refering to this sfri but i don't know if it does what you want, and if does, if it 'works' out-of-the-box for guile ...
<roelj>daviid: Thanks. That looks like a possible solution
<daviid>roelj: it might be substantially faster to write your own proc for this though, using the string since you 'have it' anyway, split for #\e and if, drop the dot and add as many #\0 it needs ...
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<decent-username>Good evening. I've just installed guile-chickadee as well as guile-sdl2 and guile-opengl. Right now I'm trying to test the example provided on and I get the following error
<decent-username>I've installed guile-chickadee via guix on Debian and I think Scheme doesn't find the package. How could I fix that?