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<mwette>wingo: modeling with-throw-handler for what purpose?
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<amz3>unrelated to my database work.
<amz3>is it possible to have access to guile's expander, eventually, I would like to be able to expand a scheme expression, where there is no more syntax application or definitions.
<dsmith-work>Morning Greetings, Guilers
<RhodiumToad>ok. so what projects are currently ongoing for GUI stuff in guile, and how can I contribute?
<wingo>mwette: rebasing throw/catch/with-throw-handler on top of with-exception-handler/raise-exception
<str1ngs>RhodiumToad: there is g-golf, guile-gi, xlambda, nomad, guimax. these are the one I know about
<mwette>wingo: thanks
<RhodiumToad>so g-golf and guile-gi are duplicate projects?
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<ZombieChicken>\o ?
<wingo>a perplexed high five, very good
<wingo>ok all tests passing for exceptions rebase, woo
<davexunit>congrats :)
<amz3>RhodiumToad: similar goal, but different approach.
<RhodiumToad>what are the important differences?
*RhodiumToad has only looked at documentation so far, not code
<amz3>RhodiumToad: I just read:
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