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<ArneBab>I sometimes use let-values — it’s pretty nice with wisp: let-values : : (a b) (values 'a 'b)
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<chrislck>hello guilers o/
<wingo>greets chrislck :)
<wingo>i have some draft patches that rebase throw/catch on top of raise-exception/with-throw-exception, in wip-exceptions. not quite working 100% yet tho
<civodul>wingo: woohoo! the big switch
<dsmith-work>Happy Friday, Guilers!!
<civodul>yay, happy Friday!
<nobodynogroup>so I am a bit of a noob to this guile stuff but it has really caught my attention and seems really cool. I have been wanting to create a heavily extendable onscreen keyboard for a while now. Ideally as cross platform as possible, but especially for linux, as I feel like the on screen keyboards for linux are a bit lacking compared to for example Multiling for android. So please tell me if this is a
<nobodynogroup>stupid idea: backend "api" for keyboard stuff written in whatever language is best for the platform (probably C or python for GNU, java for android), on top of that a guile keyboard that is heavily customizable, basically like an emacs sort of approach. My intuition is that this would allow a basically platform agnostic on screen keyboard (and easy to port between X and wayland etc) How foolish is
<nobodynogroup>this endevour?
<ArneBab>nobodynogroup: it does not seem foolish to me. The hardest part would be that you’ll have to provide packages for Windows (which I don’t know how to do with Guile, though GNU Cash does it)
<ArneBab>denemo does it, too:
<ArneBab>did anyone speed-test guile-aa-tree yet?
<ArneBab>it sounds very intriguing
<ArneBab>wingo: I just tried charting, but the example throws an error:
<ArneBab>ERROR: In procedure cairo-image-surface-create:
<ArneBab>Wrong type (expecting exact integer): 305.0
<ArneBab>In charting.scm:
<ArneBab> 312:13 2 (_ "Average Height at Iihenda JSS" (("Grade 9" (150 "Boys") (140 "Girls")) ("Grade 10" (150 "Boys") #)) # …)
<ArneBab> 114:18 1 (_ "Average Height at Iihenda JSS" 360 240 "Bitstream Vera Sans" 1 16 12 #f #f 5 (0 19.2 38.4 # 76.8 # …) …)
<ArneBab>In unknown file:
<ArneBab> 0 (cairo-image-surface-create argb32 305.0 413)
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