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<jcowan>bsima: KWER-ass is the historic pronunciation, but some say CURE-ass
<jcowan>I can provide IPA if that's more helpful
<civodul>howdy Guilers!
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<nly>how does compose work with multi-arity functions?
<nly>considering no function can return more than 1 value how will such a thing work.
<jcowan>Scheme procedures can and do return multiple values. However, I don't know that any implementation of compose can handle that: it would have to be done quite differently.
<jcowan>The cut and cute (read "cut e") are quite helpful in specializing procedures to have fewer arguments.
<nly>hi jcowan
<nly>i am trying to build procedures using graph-traversals, find path from a to X, then build a composition of procedures to go from a to X. Maybe someone has tried this?
<nly>'converter' proc at
<dsmith-work>Happy Friday, Guilers!!
<daviid>yeah, happy friday!
<civodul>hey, happy Friday Guilers!
<amz3>nly: yes
<amz3>nly: what do you mean by 'graph-traversals' ?
<amz3>nly: did you look into gremlin DSL
<amz3>nly: ping me if you still want to discuss your project.
<amz3>I am not sure what graph traversal has to do with VCS.
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<jcowan>amz3: Any time you are changing things in a reversible way, you are traversing a graph. Usually it's a tree, but that isn't actually a requirement.
<nly>thanks amz3
<nly>finding a path in a graph. I am using it to construct procedures to avoid specifying the sequence of instructions.
<nly>also storing the tree of a directory as a graph.
<daviid>pinoaffe: wrt guile-gnome, there are a series of example in the repo and the tarball, in the gtk/examples/ and gtk/examples/guile-gtk-demo project subdirs
<daviid>pinoaffe: most work with the latest guile-gnome version, but some do not - they were not adapted and won't be, unless someone wish to solve those, I won't, but patch welcome
<daviid>pinoaffe: this said, guile-gnome works fine, if you're happy with (very) old gtk bindings, but if yo are interested by gtk3, soon gtk4, you should rather use guile-gi
<daviid>pinoaffe: i'm also working on a gobject-introspection lib, called g-golf, but i can't recommend it if you are 'in a hurry', because it still misses some important 'bits', which i hope to complete 'soon', and although i don't want to commit to an official ETA wrt those missing features, by 'soon' i'm thiking something like within a month or two ...
<pinoaffe>daviid: thanks for the info!