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<dongcarl>Hey all, wondering what the `%` means in front of procedures and variables
<dongcarl>I'm guessing it's a convention?
<dongcarl>But what for?
<davexunit>dongcarl: typically it desginates a constant
<dongcarl>davexunit: but the language doesn't care about it right? as in it has no semantic meaning?
<davexunit>dongcarl: correct
<davexunit>just a convention that some people use
<davexunit>notably guix
<davexunit>as you are aware ;)
<jcowan>dongcarl: It's also used as a convention for a private (non-exported) identifier from before most Schemes had modules/libraries.
<dongcarl>jcowan: like underscore in python?
<jcowan>Yes. Lispers don't like underscores for whatever reason, partly because they can use - as a word joiner
<lavaflow>seems to me, - is prefered for joining words in scheme for the same reason it's prefered in english
<lavaflow>although the "german method" of just smashing words together seems popular in some other languages.
<ZombieChicken>unscore takes an extra keypress to type
<jcowan>Depends on the keyboard, perhaps
<ArneBab>lavaflow: however in the german language uppercase characters inside the word are forbidden, so what you’re talking about is the WikiMethod :-)
<davexunit>brendyyn: were you the one trying to use chickadee on guile 2.9.4? I pushed a commit to master that fixed the issue.
<brendyyn>davexunit: Yes I notice and it working now thanks!
<brendyyn>Now im playing with creating windows. I notice guile-opengl can create freely resizable windows, whereas chickadee makes windows that are locked to a size. on my tiling window manager i can force the window to change size anyway, and that results in borking the output of the chickadee examples
<brendyyn>if the programmer wants a non resizable game, then it should center, or put the viewport at the top left when the window is resized regardless
<brendyyn>maybe its because run-game assumes the window size doesn't change
<brendyyn>I see. process-event could check window-resized-event?, but then whats the correct way to adjust the view-port
<brendyyn>davexunit: I modified particles.scm and chickadee.scm to center the game when the window is resized, and it works although it loses a lot of fps and it leaves a flickering image of where the viewport was before the window was resized. do you know how this old state can be deleted?
<brendyyn>i tried running apply-viewport and gl-scissor but they had no effect.
<brendyyn>maybe i should figure out how to make resizable windows first
<lispmacs>hi, not to sound lazy, but I was wondering if there was any more documentation forthcoming for 8sync?
<lispmacs>I'm working through the source code but it is pretty slow
<amz3>lispmacs: what are you trying to achieve?
<lispmacs>amz3: I thought I might use it for an SDR program I have been working on
<lispmacs>Software Defined Radio
<amz3>how fiber + 8sync will help?
<lispmacs>don't know anything about fiber. I thought I could turn the data generating processing blocks into Actors like in Actor Model
<amz3>if you program is CPU-bound, 8sync is unlikely to be a good solution.
<lispmacs>amz3: CPU-bound, what does that mean?
<lispmacs>just looked it up on Wikipedia
<amz3>lispmacs: it means it does more computation than networking.
<lispmacs>amz3: so, why not a good solution?
<amz3>lispmacs: because 8sync is built on top of guile-fibers which is meant for network applications
<lispmacs>amz3: well, I certainly could be disuassaded, but my thought was to view the blocks as networked together, so that if I block was on another machine that was okay
<amz3>fwiw, I find 8sync confusing.
<lispmacs>I would think it would help if there was an API reference, hence my question
*lispmacs goes to take a shower
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