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<dongcarl>Any helper functions to negate a predicate? Or do I have to just define a lambda?
<dongcarl>apparently... It's `negate`...
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<davexunit>dongcarl: yup, that's the one!
<lloda>I use (compose not f?)
<lloda>well that's not a lambda
<lloda>well it is
<lloda>morning :-/
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<dsmith-work>Happy Friday, Guilers!!
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<manumanumanu>Hey ho!
<manumanumanu>wingo_: Sorry to bother you this lovely friday evening, but will #:declarative? in module definitions be ignored in a future 2.2 release or do I have to autotoolify my poor little modules using it if I want 2.2-3.0 compatibility?
<davexunit>manumanumanu: I'm wondering the same thing!
<davexunit>I've figured out how to make the module that was causing me problems to be compatible with declarative modules, so I no longer have to use the new module syntax, but if it crops up again I'd love to know the proper backwards compatible way to deal with it.
<manumanumanu>Or rather: would a patch be accepted?
<davexunit>there's probably a way to make it work
<manumanumanu>ignoring #:declarative? x would be backwards compatible :)
<davexunit>but old guile's would need to have foreseen this.
<davexunit>but alas it's invalid syntax