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<jcowan>wingo: Yes, thanks! Added to the errata list.
<wingo>civodul: i think i have a way to redo our catch/throw/with-throw-handler on top of something more like r6rs's with-exception-handler + raise. the kinds of exceptions that are now thrown as key + args will also have a representation as exception or condition objects
<wingo>(not sure yet what vocabulary to use)
<wingo>this sounds like a good thing to you?
<wingo>right now r6rs includes a kind of adapter between conditions/raise/etc and guile's exceptions, and it would be nice if that adapter were closer to guile core so that srfi-34/35 and r7rs could also use it
<wingo>and obviously it would be nice to provide some kind of more structured api for exception consumers
<civodul>wingo: so you mean Guile's core would use something like srfi-35, and key + args would actually be "translated" from that?
<jcowan>particularly nice, since r7rs uses the exact same system as r6rs (though it does not have the specific r6rs condition hierarchy)
<soda__hobart>hi everybody, I am trying to install gnutls with the guile bindings, but when I run ./configure with --enable-guile, I get a warning that guile-snarf is not found, so it's not building the guile bindings. How do I get it to find guile-snarf, do I have to point it at a certain path or something?
<str1ngs>soda__hobart: which os/distro are you using?
<str1ngs>you might need to install development files
<soda__hobart>yeah I don't have the dev files, could have sworn I did
<str1ngs>which distro?
<soda__hobart>file this one in the "d'oh category"
<soda__hobart>I just installed the dev files, so it should work now
<str1ngs>maybe guile-2.2-dev on debian
<soda__hobart>it is I just got with apt
<str1ngs>you can do $ which guile-snarf to verify it's now in your PATH
<soda__hobart>oh yeah, I'm in bay-bee
<soda__hobart>talkin like kojak
<soda__hobart>a lot of the debian guile packages are really old, like this guile-json one is a really early version that doesn't have a lot of functionality
<soda__hobart>I mean, typically debian packages aren't the bleeding edge, of course
<soda__hobart>I want to try out the Guix distro
<soda__hobart>I'm really having a lot of fun with guile
<str1ngs>soda__hobart: if you are building guix dependencies. most are not found by default in distro
<str1ngs>it's probably more ideal to install guix using the binaries.
<soda__hobart>so if a procedure returns multiple values, how to I get those values? should they have keywords?
<soda__hobart>nm, figured it out
<malaclyps>Before I file a bug on this, could somebody just double-check something? Do you get an GnuTLS error with (use-modules (web client)) (http-get "") ?
<malaclyps>I'm getting an error on Guix's Guile 2.2.4. 2.2.6 and even next-guile...
<soda__hobart>do you have the guile bindings for gnutls set up? I just dealt with this problem.
<mwette>for the mac I had to first install gnutls w/o --enable-guile, then with; the issue was that during the build/install process guile could not bind to libgnutls in the distribution
<malaclyps>i think it's probably this bug , but Guix's gnutls package maybe isn't up to date with the fixed version