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<chrislck>dear guilers, any idea how to reliably get the current %TEMP% via guile? (getenv "TEMP") won't cut it
<dsmith-work>Hey Hi Howdy, Guilers
<dsmith-work>chrislck_, chrislck: Well, That concept *is* just an environment variable, right? What else are you thinking of?
<chrislck>my mistake. not guile issue at all, has to be sth like XDG_RUNTIME_DIR
<stis>Hi guilers!
<malaclyps>hello guilers! Is there a way to turn off the repl's shortening of arguments (with ellipsis) in backtraces? I'd like to see the full args...
<stis>use e,g ,bt with argument #:width 1000
<civodul>weinholt: great announcement for Loko!
<weinholt>yes, it has been well received :)
<dsmith-work>weinholt: Ya looks really interesting
<bandali>hey weinholt, i saw your article was posted on lobsters
<bandali>i’d be happy to send you an invite if you’d like to join and/or comment
<weinholt>thank you; i'm already a member
<bandali>oh! in that case sorry about the noise :p
<weinholt>np :)
<amz3>bandali: sorry, to be opportunistic, I can I have one?
<bandali>amz3, sure :) /msg me your email
<wingo>yes congrats weinholt on the announcement :)
<weinholt>this too shall pass
<wingo>it is amazing guile has lasted this long with such a crappy^Hfree-form exception system :)
*wingo pleased, looking back at ports documentation changes in 2.2