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<wingo>good morning :)
<lloda>wdyt of sizeof from (system foreign) accepting srfi-4 symbols
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<civodul>lloda: you mean like (sizeof 'u8)?
<lloda>for example
<civodul>the thing is, sizeof doesn't take symbols right now, which i think is good
<lloda>then another function?
<lloda>it's not good having to tell srfi-4 what it already knows
<lloda>the sizes of its types
<wingo>lloda: for compile-time constants it may be useful to (define-syntax compile-time-sizeof ..._
<wingo>honestly tho from a srfi-4 perspective, having a local sizeof definition doesn't sound so bad
<lloda>wdym local?
<lloda>if in srfi-4 itself, yeah, that would be fine by me
<civodul>speaking of compile-time, i did crazy bytestructure-like expansion-time things at
<civodul>as an alternative to parse-c-struct and all
<dsmith-work>{appropriate time} Greetings, Guilers
<str1ngs>hello dsmith-work
<unknown_lamer>hmm, is geiser still the best emacs interface to guile, or has something superseded it?
<amz3>guile-studio maybe?
<unknown_lamer>looks like that uses geiser, will try and dust my old geiser setup off then... thanks (trying to get back into guile after an extended absence...)
<dsmith-work>unknown_lamer: Hey hey. Hows it going? Still doing CL?
<dsmith-work>I was just thinking of you yesterday! For some odd reason, I fired up sbcl and slime.
<anon987321>geiser is great
<anon987321>if you're having issues with your current setup, maybe a fresh start would help
<unknown_lamer>dsmith-work: sysadmin nowadays, actually just dusted off my CL env to work on some stuff over the weekend
<unknown_lamer>glad to see you're still around too
<unknown_lamer>anon987321: it's something like 7 years old and I'm using some random branch of guile with unboxed floats so ... dusting off is an understatement ;)
<dsmith-work>unknown_lamer: $DAYJOB is all Python, but some Kernel driver work. I'm mostly in here to make sure the bot hasn't died.
<unknown_lamer>sneek: botsnack
<unknown_lamer>still using bobot++ or something else? haven't checked if it still builds in forever.
<unknown_lamer>probably should convert my darcs repos to git sometime
<dsmith-work>Still on bobot++
<dsmith-work>sneek: version
<sneek>Sneeky bot running on Guile version 2.0.11 using bobot++ 2.3.0-darcs
<sneek> 15:39:29 up 54 days, 2:14, 0 users, load average: 0.00, 0.01, 0.05
*jackhill waves to unknown_lamer
<lampilelo>sneek: help
<gmaggior>hello, how can I read an input string in Guile?
<gmaggior>(readline) ok found