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<daviid>str1ngs: I pushed a fix for (g-golf hl-api object), so that it also imports so called fundamental type classes, pull highly recommened
<civodul>we still have non-deterministic gensyms in .go files, as in:
<heisenberg-25>Hi, where can I find version 2.9 of guile?
<heisenberg-25>I am building it from the source at git:// and the build is failing
<civodul>hi heisenberg-25!
<civodul>you can find the latest pre-release at
<heisenberg-25>Hello civodul :)
<heisenberg-25>Okay, let me try that
<heisenberg-25>Btw, has anyone faced this issue `Too many heap sections: Increase MAXHINCR or MAX_HEAP_SECTS`?
<civodul>did you see it while running the test suite?
<civodul>specifically the test-out-of-memory program
<heisenberg-25>no, I am get it when I stress test my program
<civodul>that's a message from libgc that one sees only when allocating huge amounts of memory
<heisenberg-25>guile uses boehm gc, right?
<civodul>aka. "libgc"
<heisenberg-25>I am building it with `./configure --enable-large-config` and then building guile manually
<heisenberg-25>hopefully that will fix it
<civodul>could be, i never had to use --enable-large-config
<heisenberg-25>yeah, I using guile to process huge dbs and it is complaining.
<heisenberg-25>are ther any benchmarks comparing guile's performance to other languages or scheme implementations?
<civodul>see also the discussion at
<civodul>which shows the broader picture
<jcowan>What would be the point of having benchmarks if you couldn't rig them in your favor?
<jcowan>(not ecraven's, he's an honest broker)
<ecraven>hehe, I'd love to rig things, but I still haven't started on writing my own implementation
<ecraven>well, I started many times and many years ago, but haven't gotten anywhere useful yet
<str1ngs>daviid: thanks will do
<nly>how to make a custom repl for Guile? I want the repl to do one extra step after evaluation, this didn't work: (define eval (compose display eval))
<nly>make-language i think
<nly>got it :)
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<heisenberg-25>Has anyone had Floating point exception while building guile 2.9.3?
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