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<davidl>dsmith-work: you might be interested in "Like sxpath, but only accepts an XPath query in string form, using the standard XPath syntax."
<wdkrnls>is there a setting to make guile instrument source code references to procedures by default? I've noticed that (procedure-source proc) usually can't find anything.
<spk121>wdkrnls: it is mostly non-functional, but, it is supposed to work after you call (read-enable 'copy) before loading something.
<str1ngs>daviid: I think you used g_application_run in a paste the other day? but they have since been removed does this look right for calling g-application-run? (g-application-run app 1 '(flags)). I'm trying to figure out how I should pass argc and argv.
<dsmith-work>{appropriate time} Greetings, Guilers
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<daviid>str1ngs: here -
<daviid>str1ngs: line 38
<daviid>str1ngs: but as spk121 explained, it won't work, since the new design for gio, gtk3+ and later is that the 'empty' application must be instantiated and nothing can be done with that 'empty' instance before the 'startup and/or 'activate signal has/have been triggered ...