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<chrislck>we are still none the wiser what is (ice-9 poe) named after...
<daviid>pure object environment :)
<daviid>or edgar ... the misterious edgar allea poe guile's (ice-9 module)
<daviid>* guile's (ice-9 poe) module i meant to write ...
<chrislck>wouldn't surprise me edgar allan poe was a closet lisper :)
<chrislck>(raven (quote nevermore))
<iv-so>anyone here using guix?
<chrislck>iv-so: /join #guix
<iv-so>I guess my questions are more related to guile than to guix
<str1ngs>iv-so: It's best to ask your question. Than to ask if someone uses something.
<iv-so>#guix guys already answered
<lampilelo>that was productive
<str1ngs>ls: command not found
<lampilelo>try dir
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