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<daviid>lloda: hello! did you solve the guile-cairo make distcheck problem?
<sneek>Welcome back daviid, you have 3 messages.
<sneek>daviid, lloda says: I mailed guile-user with the problems I have. If you have a separate branch that works please post a link and I'll try to merge myself
<sneek>daviid, lloda says: Also please request commit access again
<sneek>daviid, lloda says: please give a link to the working patches you have for guile-cairo and I'll try to merge them
<daviid>ah ok, will look into thsi and come back asap
<daviid>its unfortunate our 'real' logs are stiil not working
<daviid>ng0: any news on that front?
<daviid>text logs are next to unreadable and always very late (last time, 1 or 2 days ago, the delay was more thn 5 days ...)
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<janneke>hmm, procedure-sources in (system xref) calls program? on every procedure
<janneke>a method is not a `program?', apparently
<janneke>so, that's why no breakpoints in methods/generics
<wingo>you could probably break in a method's procedure
<wingo>the program associated with a generic gets changed all the time tho, not a great place to break fwiw
<janneke>yes, i found method-source...i think i found it
<janneke>for a simple method: (define-method (test (o <top>)) #t)
<janneke>this works: (program-sources (slot-ref (car (generic-function-methods test)) 'procedure))
<janneke>now to find how to get this into (system xref) ...
<janneke>not sure if we can use such goopsy things like slot-ref there
<janneke>i want to fix ,break-at-source for methods ... so i hope we're fine
<janneke>yay, some progress
<janneke>;;; WARNING (no instructions found for gaiag/m.scm : 12)
<janneke>Trap 2: Breakpoint at gaiag/m.scm:13.
<janneke>sources get added, but someone cannot find any instructions...grr
<ng0>daviid: in short: it's complicated. Worst case it'll happen in october, but I'm optimistic that I can do at least the current view this month. The logs are coming back, but the work wasn't very linear.
<ng0>for the old logs (prior to Drupal Bot handing in its resignation) the logs will appear much later
*janneke found program-sources-by-line ... must also learn about <generic>
*janneke sends WIP patch for GOOPS debugging support to guile-devel
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<stis>hej guilers!