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<civodul>Hello Guilers!
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<janneke>found it, (debug-enable 'debug) now is: wrap call in `call-with-error-handling' :-)
<civodul>janneke: oh right!
<civodul>it's very handy, more than the old 'debug-enable' :-)
<janneke>civodul: yes, i'ts very nice...just could only remember the old meme :)
<civodul>heheh :-)
<lloda>The manual really needs a 'hands-on' or 'howto' section I think. You cannot figure out how to do a number of things without googling the mailing list or irc.
<lloda>for example I've hit the debugger countless times and I still don't know how to do anything there beyond ,bt
<lloda>I'd want to do things like set variables, continue from this point, go step by step
<lloda>none of these things seem to work
<lloda>it's probably my ignorance
<civodul>lloda: is rather nice IMO
<civodul>but note that there are things you can't do at all in the debugging, such as step-by-step execution :-)
<wingo>civodul: is that because it's broken? source-line stepping should work
<wingo>but expression-by-expression stepping doesn't of course
<civodul>wingo: oh! i guess that's just because i never do source-line stepping
<civodul>so it's even better :-)
<wingo>confession: i never use breakpoints or stepping
<wingo>maybe i don't code enough in an environment in which i can rely on my tools, because i broke them all
<civodul>ah ah, that may be the reason :-)
<civodul>you end up being the one who writes the tools and rarely takes advantage of them ;-)
<janneke>i just started looking at the debugger again
*janneke still has an old, non-finished patch to have backtraces use gnu style locations and fix break-at-source, i think
<janneke>will see if i can give that some love
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<lloda>civodul: right, so it's there. Was exaggerating earlier, I already do ,frame ,up etc
<lloda>but ,locals is useless most of the time
<lloda>and it's all about inspecting; there's no relationship to the source and you cannot *do* anything in the frame
<lloda>the example doesn't show stepping, continuing...
<lloda>I'm sorry to not be more positive!
<lloda>but in the end I just pk & reload 99% of the time :-/
<civodul>lloda: i pk most of the time as well :-), but when i do get a backtrace, the debugger is helpful for me
<civodul>my guess is that when writing in a functional style and doing "REPL-driven dev", step-by-step etc. are not so useful
<civodul>what would you add to the manual?
<wingo>for me ,locals is often helpful fwiw
<wingo>just had a successful ./check-guile run with jit threshold of 1000 :) now going for 0, it caught a few more things
<lloda>civodul: the manual looks ok now that I've read it! if one can actually do source-line stepping, then showing that would be nice
<lloda>wingo: for me ,locals shows mostly renamed variables and a lot of them missing altogether
<lloda>I may be doing something dumb
<wingo>i haven't checked that these things work, not recently anyway
<wingo>they have a way of bitrotting
<wingo>but it's like stepping gcc-compiled code at -O2 or something, not that bad but it's still not totally obvious
<wingo>you can step instructions of course
<wingo>ok there are just 10 failing tests now, 9 related to lack of hooks in jit code, one a bug in case-lambda* compilation
<wingo>pretty good!
<wingo>also i think jit compilation is faster because we're using a custom code allocator instead of the one in lightning
<wingo>basically i think lightning is open for business, speed golfing to continue after i figure out what to do with hooks
<lloda>wingo: I have a benchmark where lightning w/ jit is ~9 times slower than lightning w/o jit or stable-2.2, but I haven't been able to make it standalone
<lloda>it's a weird one
<davexunit>wingo: planning any pre-release thing that makes it easy to test out the new jit?
<davexunit>I'm interested in seeing how programs with lots of floating point math perform.