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<daviid>heya guilers! as you'll see if you browse, in a repl, a user can: ,use (ice-9 pretty-print), then ,o print (lambda (repl obj) (truncated-print obj) (newline))
<daviid>I'm trying to acheive this from withi a module (for guile-cv), but I fail to undertand how is that possible, since, unless I missunderstood something, I'd have to know the repl (the value of the arg) before the repl is actually launched
<daviid>the code to list and define repl option values is in (system repl common)
<daviid>I can't use repl-option-set! because it expects 3 args, the first is the repl
<daviid>I was hoping to be able to use repl-default-option-set!
<daviid>but so far I failed to acheive my goal
<daviid>bb soon, if anyne has an idea, ping me ... tx
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<spk121>I wonder if I could make and push a LAMG (Linux/Apache/MySQL/Guile) Docker container to the cloud...
<dadinn>hi all
<dadinn>trying to use `with-output-to-file` but it doesn't seem to work
<dadinn>(with-output-to-file "/dev/null"
<dadinn>sorry for multi-line past :(
<dadinn>ah, also sorry... it seems I found the issue :D
<hugo>dadinn: What was the problem? And the solution?
<chrislck>I'm guessing either "/dev/null" is a port-sink, or forgot to sudo for apt?
<amz31>/dev/null is blackhole or something
<spk121>does anyone have an opinion on the utility of mod_lisp?
<hugo>/dev/null is a dummy file which takes anything written to it and discards it, and looks like an empty file when reading it
<hugo>See null(4)
<amz31>spk121: no need for that you can use sockets
<amz31>via proxy pass directive or something
<amz31>we use that with both apache2 and nginx
<amz31>you can switch reverse proxy using that
<amz31>I only spawn several guile process in screen
<amz31>and point apache2 to every localhost:808x
<spk121>amz31: cool
<daviid>anyone knows if guile-pg is still maintained? does it work with the latest guile and latest postgres?
<daviid>any guilers using it 'daily'? and for 'real work'?