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<amz32>hi all
<amz32>wingo: did you release your spam filtering algorithm somewhere? Can it be used to filter spam on irc?
<OrangeShark>Happy Friday
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<amz32>friday ftw§
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<dsmith>Happy Friday, Guilers!!
<cmaloney>Happy Friday!
<mwette>Happy Friday to you. I hope I'm logged in now.
<OrangeShark>mwette: welcome to the party
<OrangeShark>I wonder if the spam bots are still at it
<cmaloney>#linuxjournal if you'd like to see them in action
<cmaloney>though there is a spam-killing bot in there
<cmaloney>but they still have to surface in order to be swatted
<mwette>OrangeShark: Thanks.
<amz31>anyone is familiar with sparql or minikanren?
<amz31>my question is it possible to implement recursive queries in sparql
<mwette>ACTION is digging into language/cps to see if there are possible hacks to make debugging better (using alternate compile path)