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<rain1> I made a git issues discussing the change in syntaxfrom my peg lib vs guile peg
<rain1>I'm trying to make the syntaxes close as possible
<amz31>this software try to replicate guix
<amz31>follow up
<amz32>hello #guile
<OrangeShark>hello amz32
<amz32>OrangeShark: what's the plan for guile-git? savannah or notabug?
<OrangeShark>amz32: still need to think about it. I want to try both out and see how the interface is
<dsmith-work>Hey Hi Howdy, Guilers
<OrangeShark>hello dsmith-work, how are you?
<dsmith-work>OrangeShark: Pythoned out
<OrangeShark>dsmith-work: need more guile :)
<dsmith-work>Yes indeed. Haven't been able to play there in quite a while.
<amz32>I got php'ed
<OrangeShark>amz32: I thought you worked in python
<OrangeShark>you work in both?
<amz32>well; I was working in python until I landed in a project that needs to port an existing code base to python; I choosed my faith actually; but still it's a difficult time
<amz32>so I do php until a date that remains to be defined
<amz31>a collegue of mine compared scheme vs python discussion to tab vs space troll
<manumanumanu>Ahoy hoy!
<manumanumanu>What are you all up to this tuesday?
<manumanumanu>I myself am reading up on reagents. They seem like a really friggin cool concept.
<manumanumanu>wingo: a paper I read earlier today claims that reagents generalize concurrent ML, but I don't really understand how. Do you have any ideas how?
<amz31>no :/
<amz31>but good to see you around
<daviid>amz31: not sure i understand what your collegue means?
<daviid>ACTION wishes all python jobs would be guile jobs, and honestly does not understand why it's not that so ... why on erth people did pick up python instead of scheme? that is the question haha
<amz31>daviid: I don't know
<amz31>neither do i
<amz31>they may not not CLOS
<amz31>I don't know clos myself, I learn little by little
<amz31>they are not against your ideas
<amz31>they may not KNOW CLOS
<daviid>i guess industry back then was afraid of scheme, students too, and then the snow ball effect ... now getting rid of python (and actually no pythoners thinks it is a good idea anyway) would be as difficult as geting rid of php
<amz31>some people thing scheme is worthwhile
<amz31>some people think scheme is worthwhile in the Python community, like the original coder of awesome tiling window manager
<amz31>I will be giving a talk about the async web framework aiohttp in october in priciple
<amz31>it's at Lille, the 4th October in France
<amz31>it's free
<amz31>like fosdem
<daviid>amz31: yes there are exception, but pythoners in general don't even know scheme exists (so to speak) ... anyway, useless discussion :), back to hack ...
<amz31>go back to coffee ;/
<daviid>of course we (guilers) need to better maintain our bindings, and work to have more ... otherwise no way ...
<ng0>and then there's the "parens" meme you will meet, where people don't think we have people working on making that easier to work with..
<dsmith-work>daviid: For me, I've been surrounded by people who know Python, and none who know Scheme.
<ng0>I think my C prof is seriously convinced C will become obsolete in his lifetime.. everyone can dream.
<daviid>dsmith-work: same here
<daviid>ng0: though I don't like it (sorry) you can tell those we have wisp
<daviid>the key is to get better and more bindings
<ng0>parinfer is nice
<ng0> <- I suggest this to people new to "general lisp".. so far it's okay.
<ng0>wisp is mentioned there as well
<amz31>there wisp, it's even an srfi iirc
<amz31>I use neither of those
<daviid>good! we can rewrite wisp code in scheme 'proper' anyway, so fine (I can't read wisp code (more then a few lines I mean))
<amz31>ng0: +1
<ng0>parinfer is one of the hundreds of packages I still need to sent to guix at some point. I use it for a couple of months now, and it's really nice. I did not need it before, but it automates a decent amount of repetive work.
<daviid>though imo, people should use kawa (I'm dead serious here), order of mag better then clojure
<daviid>another 'impossible to understand' thing ... marketing si, therefore, almost always wrong, why do humans don't understand this? haha
<daviid>anyone aware of scheme jobs by the way? (and side quiz, i never saw a racket job for example, is there any racket jobs out there?)
<cmaloney>I know one of my friends worked at a place that used scheme
<cmaloney>I can ask where he worked if there's interest
<ng0>I think those who get them stick with them..
<daviid>cmaloney: yes please do, thanks
<ng0>it's more likely to find Elixir jobs than Scheme jobs I think.
<ng0>although.. when you count Clojure, then there's a number of jobs
<daviid>ACTION is hard looking for some contract(s), his position came to an end at university ... )
<daviid>ng0: yes, but from experience, (1) wh not kawa, and (2) t means you know (dead well) java: to me, java is a diaster
<daviid>noone should ever use java :)
<daviid>but if yu have to, the use kawa
<ng0>tell that companies working with java.. I'd see scheme as an option but would not limit myself to it in job search
<daviid>I would if they use kawa (let me use kawa I mean), not clojure
<ng0>I share your view, I'm grumpy about Java in university as well.. brb, router update
<daviid>ng0: can you use kawa? (would they let you use kawa instead I mean)
<ng0>no they wouldn't
<ng0>at least where I am now. I'm taking the next semester to think about transfering, but it's the same everywhere with a heavy focus on java 8, fx, and so on
<daviid>that's weird (to me): kawa compiles to java, exactly as java itself, so one can use a kawa 'class' (from another java code) exactly as if it was written in java i the first place ... all this sounds like unreasonable restriction(s) imo
<ng0>yeah well university of applied science is not exactly freedom..
<ng0>maybe back then with diploma it was different
<amz31>sorry wrong chennal
<ng0>but you still need to write in the language, let go off all your previous knowledge, bla.. it's really terrible.
<ng0>in retrospective I should've picked FH Dortmund in the first place and not HS Bochum..
<ng0>no idea where you are located or wanting to relocate to, but msg systems ag in Germany has some jobs listing at least lisp and prolog.
<daviid>ng0: so far, I've almst always worked remote, as a consultant (research or appied research consultant), and part time ( I don't beleive you can research 'effectively' 8h a day,that is a teriible lye imo ...)
<daviid>but I could relocate ... but i'd rather work remote if possible
<daviid>ng0: could you send me a link? david at altosw dot be (thanks a lot)
<ng0>I see.. ok
<ng0>I could, but somehow the job searchpage now thinks I'm a bot, after restarting the browser
<ng0>okay, I'll send an email.. I'm off soon
<daviid>ng0: thanks, good night!