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<atw>ArneBab: I've enjoyed our discussions on teaching! I am scheduled to do a first lecture at work on Monday. I'll let you know how it goes ☺
<amz31>what's up #guile?
<OrangeShark>hey amz31, not much. What about you?
<amz31>well, I've been busy doing nothing :)
<amz31>but I investigated 2 things
<OrangeShark>2 things?
<amz31>first, I figured that versioned data bases like datomic can be very useful in production
<amz31>to debug things in production, basically answering 'what happened'
<amz31>and sometime to implement domain logic
<OrangeShark>being able to somehow replay what happen helps :)
<amz31>like to record when a "workflow" happened
<amz31>how it changes values etc...
<amz31>the second thing, is something i've been thinking a lot, but I could not translate it into words
<amz31>it's a smart task queue that is driven by priority and how much time it takes to process task for each priority
<amz31>here is the relevant thread
<amz31>with specification by one of the maintainer of the de-facto standard in Python
<amz31>at $WORK we use multiple task queue each of which must be scaled separatly
<amz31>the advantage of that approach is that if one task queue is overhelmed only that one is impacted
<amz31>not much guile tho
<OrangeShark>I will be quitting my job soon, so I plan on spending more time on guile
<amz31>why quit?
<OrangeShark>just tired and feel overwhelmed by it
<OrangeShark>I am also thinking about going back to school
<amz31>are you in the US? I don't remember
<OrangeShark>yes I am
<amz31>isn't it difficult to go back to uni in the US?
<OrangeShark>well I guess it depends on where I go and how hard it is to get accepted
<OrangeShark>I want to go to grad school
<amz31>to do a master or phd?
<amz31>hm which field?
<OrangeShark>computer science
<amz31>you don't have a cs degree?
<OrangeShark>I do
<daviid>hello guiler!
<daviid>OrangeShark: a phd can be(come) quite overwherling too :)
<OrangeShark>daviid: I understand :)