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<jlicht>I am struggling with what I think might be a deadlock
<jlicht>If I strace the execution of pasting in a `guile -q' repl, it seems that all spawned threads or either stuck in a read call, write call, or waiting on a futex call to complete, with nothing happening whatsoever
<snape>is there a way to get to expand '…' in Guile backtraces?
<snape>(I'm in the train, please reply even if I'm offline)
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<OrangeShark>Happy day before Friday!
<jlicht>Happy day before Friday to you too!
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<dsmith>sneek: botsnack
<dsmith-work>Thursday Greetings, Guilers
<daviid>hap thurs dsmith-work, all guilers...
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<androclus>hey, all. this might be a faq.. but.. is anyone using guile to program anything GUI (or even text/ncurses)? if so, what do you use to do so?
<dsmith-work>androclus: I've not used, but there is and
<daviid>and guile-clutter as well
<daviid>androclus: fwiw, i wrote and maintain gnu foliot []
<daviid>androclus: I also wrote a series of examples using guile-clutter, here: [see Grip Clutter Examples on that page]