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<stis>hey guilers!
<amz3>ijp-znc: woot!
<janneke>for mes, i am using a copy of system/base/pmatch.scm but it appears i have a license problem: mes is gplv3+ and pmatch is MIT, re-licensed as LGPLv3+ with Guile-changes under LGPLv3+
<markx>hi! Is there a telnet lib for guile?
<amz3>why would you use a library for telnet?
<amz3>ok gone
<jlicht>amz3: assuming you want to use the actual telnet protocol and not just a simple raw pipe to a tcp socket, it makes sense to use a library for telnet ;)
<dsmith-work>Hmm. telnet. ssh would be better. But maybe he wants to connect to some device that only has telnet.
<amz3>jlicht: there is a telnet protocol? I was under the impression that telnet is text based with /r/n line ending
<markx_>I'm just looking for a telnet client lib.
<markx_>@amz3 Yes, I need a telnet client to connect to a server.
<dsmith-work>markx_: And you need *telnet*, not just a socket?
<dsmith-work>markx_: And no, I've never seen a guile telnet library.
<markx_>dsmith-work: Yes I want *telnet*, meaning a client that can encode/decode telnet commands.
<markx_>dsmith-work: I'm looking to build a mud client, which uses telnet.
<markx_>And what do you guys mostly use Guile for?
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<dsmith-work>sneek: version
<sneek>Sneeky bot running on Guile version 2.0.11 using bobot++ 2.3.0-darcs
<dsmith-work>There is a guile ssh library. Does ssh fall back to telnet?
<dsmith-work>markx_: Can you use ssh instead of telnet?
<cmaloney>I think it's pretty clear that markx_ is looking for telnet
<cmaloney>not ssh
<cmaloney>probably for a historic mud of some sort that doesn't need security
<amz3>markx_: I build a database
<cmaloney>markx_: Sadly I'm not seeing anything for a client, but this might help in that direction:
<amz3>markx_: and webdev
<cmaloney>There's also a Node telnet client that might be adaptable:
<markx_>cmaloney: I can use node libs in guile?
<cmaloney>No, I'm saying the code might give some hints on how to make one
<dsmith-work>What about piping though netcat? It has a -t option for telnet. Or maybe even piping though telnet?
<markx_>dsmith-work: how does that work?
<dsmith-work>markx_: Not saying that would work. Just trying to kick out some ideas.
<dsmith-work>markx_: Is your server open to anyone? Like for testing something?
<markx_>dsmith-work: well, any mud server would work I guess. But in my case, I mostly play batmud.