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<rlb>ok, I think I've adjusted the after-gc-hook test to report as unresolved on mips(el) if they fail. I'll probably be able to upload the new packages to debian unstable later today or tomorrow.
<brettgilio>“When C++ is your hammer, everything looks like a thumb,” Steven M. Haflich, Chair of the NCITS/J13 technical committee for ANSI standard for Common Lisp.
<brendyn>Just realised (math prime)'s prime? is a probalistic algorithm :O
<stis>summerly flopsy guilers!
<rlb>...uploaded debian guile-2.2 2.2+1-6 to fix the after-gc-hook failure; now test-smob-mark fails on at least ppc64el:
<weinholt>rlb, have you checked if any of this is fixed in 2.2.4?
<rlb>weinholt: I haven't yet, but that was the next thing I may pursue -- though I suspect debian already has most of the important patches, and from a quick glance I didn't see anything all that hopeful in the changes.
<rlb>new failure on amd64 too: "ERROR: asyncs.test: preemption via sigprof - arguments: ((vm-error vm-run "Unrewindable partial continuation" (#<vm-continuation aaab0dc4afa0>)))"
<rlb>ACTION will have to pursue this later -- guile-2.2's just going to have to be out of testing/buster for a while.