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<snape>wingo: would a sleep() operation operated by the underlying C code of a Guile library block the Fibers scheduler?
<snape>I guess it would
<wingo>sneek: later tell snape yep it would
<mwette>proposed guileline for Guile extension languages: #! ... !# is comment
<mwette>What about `(load file)' ? Could language deduced from extension, or perhaps a in-file `pragma' (e.g., file starts with `#L mylang') be workable?
<wingo>i would love for us to do the racket #lang thing
<wingo>and fall back to default languages based on the file extension (e.g. .el should default to elisp)
<mwette> has a mod to compile-file that is along those lines I think
<rlb>As sent to the bug tracker a while back, and guile-devel, guile-2.2's going to be removed from debian testing this weekend unless the bug below is resolved (and maybe anyway). And while I can just mark that test as unresolved and hope that's all right, I don't have the time to pursue it further myself right now, and it'd certainly be preferable to hear something from upstream -- so I thought I'd try here too:
<daviid>rlb: hello! I can't help but I'd like to thank you for all this work you are doing to maintain guile on debian, I just hope someone knowledgeable and with some free time will shim in and help, fingers crossed ...
<mwette>updated compile-file using extensions:
<rlb>daviid: thanks - I'm not sure what I'll do yet otherwise. If I have the time to implement it, perhaps a compromise, i.e. mark the test as unresolved just on those architectures, and hope that's ok.
<daviid>rlb: yes, I did read you might try that...