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<ArneBab>manumanumanu: doing well — awoke in the night after falling asleep directly after I read aloud for my children :-)
<civodul>hey Guilers!
<civodul>i just realized that (system foreign) has make-c-struct
<civodul>but there's no way to create an array of structs
<lloda>vectors are guaranteed contiguous, aren't they? at least in practice they are
<OrangeShark>Happy Friday!
<daviid>yeah, happy friday!
<bavier1>anyone looking at the failing "gc.test" failure in guile-2.2 on deian testing?
<spk121>jralls: saw your mention a few days ago about 32-bit MinGW guile. I did hack a version that worked for me.
<spk121>I checked it in here
<spk121>I built it using --without-threads
<spk121>I mailed in the first patch to the maintainers a few months ago, but, no one looked at it, so I lost momentum at getting it into mainline