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<chrislck>is it just me who finds it rather difficult to read other people's scheme code, and end up refactoring by recreating the same thing?
<manumanumanu>ArneBab: that seems to be quite a fuss. I'll just try to be productive using brew
<manumanumanu>chrislck: well, sometimes. It took me a while to be able to read scheme since it is a lot more dense than what I was used to
<manumanumanu>I find that I have a problem understanding lots of comprehensions, and that racket's for loops were easier.
<manumanumanu>so I made my own version of it for guile, but so far it only has one user :(
<amz3>what's up guile world!
<amz3>on my side, I just figured that guile-wiredtiger doesn't work wiredtiger 3.0.0; which means all my projects are broken!
<amz3>major version bump ftw ;)
<amz3>maintenceship is an endeaver
<amz3>maintenceship is an endeavor
<amz3>luckily guix has not bump'ed to 3.0.0 yet
<janneke>amz3: ouch...yes, bits often rot very easily
<janneke>i'm still pounding on the guix bootstrap, binutils-2.20/glibc-2.2.5/gcc-2.95.3 are built, but these 3 still cannot build a gcc using glibc -- been on that for about a week now.
<slyfox>those are very old versions :)
<janneke>slyfox: i've been looking for the most "bootstrappable" versions, with a big preference for newer versions and this is the first set I managed to (aaaalmost) fully bootstrap from source
<janneke>gcc-3.4 introduces a dependency on dirent.h, i still shy away from implementing that
<slyfox>do you target only i386?
<janneke>slyfox: currently, yes
<slyfox>i had to poke at gcc-3.3.6 recently and was amazed how little time it takes to build it :)
<janneke>slyfox: yes, gcc-2.95.3 builds a bit faster than binutils, and much, much faster than glibc-2.2.5 -- really weird
<janneke>i really wonder why we don't have a glibc-bootstrap, that just defines enough to build gcc
<ArneBab>manumanumanu: your for/loops have at least one further user-to-be (I’ve been planning to give them a try for long)