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<chris_>janneke thank you... i thought i was battling emacs in vain
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<louishaemmerle>I am looking at the PEG parsing module at the moment.
<louishaemmerle>are the declarations dependent on the order of definition?
<louishaemmerle>hmm, I guess I found it (I did tinker with this problem for an hour before asking, then I ask and all of the sudden I find the error)
<louishaemmerle>I used | instead of / in one of the PEG rules
<hiphish>Hello Schemers; quick question: what module is ‘open-bytevector-input-port’ in?
<hiphish>The manual doesn't say it and it's not in the standard module (or whatever it is called when you start up Guile).
<hiphish>I'm running Guile version 2.2.3, and not even the apropos command seems able to find it.
<mwette>(io ports)
<mwette>(rnrs io ports)
<hiphish>mwette: Thank you! Why did ",a open-byte" not show this before I imported the module?
<mwette>I don't know.
<hiphish>It seems that ,apropos shows only the contents of some modules. Maybe the module has to first be loaded before it can be searched.