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<axd-v>Owncloud-client package is failing to compile on guix commit d53e5b366d03ce29a16d96fbf91075a2de5bbd55
<axd-v>I filed a bug yesterday about a similar issue with keepassxc package and it was fixed in a few hours. This might be a similar issue with qt5 or whatever.
<axd-v>oh damn I'm crazy. I thought this was #guix channel and not #guile. My apologies.
<axd-v>Btw what has caused a regression in guile speed in guile 2.2? Will it be rectified in 2.3 and beyond?
<daviid>axd-v: you must have been be mistaken 'somewhere', because guile 2.2 is an order of magnitude faster then guile 2.0
<axd-v>daviid: maybe. On the guix channel I overheard someone mentioning something about this. Maybe they were referring to the compilation times and not runtime. Has there been a regression for compilation times?
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<dsmith-work>Monday Greetings, Guilers
<dsmith-work>Yeah, guile build time is getting slower and slower while the actual generated code is getting faster and faster.
<dsmith-work>wingo figured out this cool time-shifting trick that transfers wasted runtime cpu cycles to the guile buildtime timestream.
<dsmith-work>And neatest trick is that you only need to build it once and then save cycles for all!
<wingo>going to get better with jit though soon!
<dsmith-work>ACTION holds breath in anticipation
<dsmith-work>ACTION releases it just in time
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