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<spauldo>I'm attempting to compile Guile on FreeBSD and it's not liking it at all.
<spauldo>autoconf won't find any of the required libraries that have a --with-blah-prefix= option unless I specifically add that. Everything it's looking for is in /usr/local.
<spauldo>I did manage to get 2.2.3 to compile, but not install due to some kind of shell script issue (trying to read from "", IIRC). So now I'm trying to compile from HEAD.
<spauldo>It appears to be working - no errors, at least - but it's been sitting at bootstrapping ice-9/psyntax-pp.go for a couple hours now.
<spauldo>what I assume is the output file from whatever it's doing is 0 bytes. It's running a guild compile, apparently.
<spauldo>Anyway, I'm just wondering if anyone on here has gotten it to work on FreeBSD and if so, what am I missing? I'm using gmake and bash, I've set the location for all the libraries and specified the threaded garbage collection, and all the prerequisites are there. At this point I'm not sure what else I can check.
<mwette>hmm .. I was able to get one of the older versions to build. Did you read the FreeBSD stuff in the README?
<mwette>you need pkgconf, gmake and boehm-gc-threaded
<spauldo>Oh, sorry, was on another desktop
<spauldo>Yeah, I read that. They're all there.
<spauldo>If you managed to get an older version to work, I might give 2.2.0 a try. The exact version doesn't really matter for what I do, but I do want 2.2.
<mwette>I nuked that distriution, but let me see if I have any more notes around.
<spauldo>Oh, wow. I just checked back on it, and it finally finished that file. I feel kinda silly now.
<mwette>The version I got working was 2.2.2 on FreeBSD 11.0. "make check" worked. I don't remember if I ever ran "make install"
<spauldo>After it hit the two hour mark I was sure it was stuck in a loop or something.
<spauldo>OK. I did get 2.2.3 to compile just fine, but it was the install that wasn't working.
<mwette>prebuilt/ does not have freebsd, so yea, that long time is normal
<spauldo>I've still got the built source tree for it, so I can try to reproduce the error again.
<mwette>good news -- happy hacking ...
<spauldo>I'd like to be able to submit a bug report or something if I can pinpoint exactly what the problem is.
<mwette>send to bug-guile at if you find it
<spauldo>it's really weird. It's happening in /libguile with make install-data-hook. The command that gets printed is this:
<spauldo>/usr/bin/install -c -m 644 /opt/guile/lib/
<spauldo>which gives the error:
<spauldo>install: : No such file or directory
<spauldo>You'd think it'd give an error saying there's not enough arguments or something
<mwette>use gmake -d
<spauldo>ye gods, that's a lot of stuff
<spauldo>up, there it is. It's a sed error. I remember something about that on the mailing list, but since it didn't seem like that was the error I was getting I thought I was OK. I'll have to look again and see, but I think someone said there was a patch for it.
<spauldo>I never knew the -d flag, thanks. That'll come in handy.
<spauldo>Well, that fixed it.
<spauldo>OK, so, if you want to compile guile 2.3.3 on FreeBSD 11.2, do the stuff in the guide, specify --with-blah-prefix=/usr/local for all the configure options that have that, be sure to use gmake and bash (not sure if bash is required), and follow the directions in bug #30011 for editing the in the libguile directory.
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